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Google Tools That Get Your Business Visible When Local Prospects Search

Does Your Business Use The Google My Business Tools? If your business marketing strategy includes being found locally by qualified consumers, then a CRUCIAL tool is going to be Google My Business; particularly its local map & search listing…
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How Can A Business Deal With A Negative Review? | Kinetic Knowledge NJ Local SEO

Good reviews are some of the best organic advertising; however, web-based reviews and even a negative review are NOT in a business owner's control! Reviews posted to random search or directory listing websites is a modern-day reality. It is…
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Why The Google Crawl Is So Important To Your Business

Describes the Google crawl, spiders and what is important for a business to know about those processes.
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Google Listing Posts

Why Marketers Must Use Google Listing Posts Having a Google listing post strategy is more important than ever! When business owners produce 'Google My Business' posts that are timely & relevant they often find consumers click through…
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Why Does Google Want SSL?

Define SSL ... For The Layperson Let's define SSL, which stands for Secure Socket Layers. Typically, when you look at a web page URL in your browser you see HTTP:// The 'HTTP' stands for 'HyperText Transfer Protocol' and that's…
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Are There Consequences For Duplicate Content?

Duplicating someones content is never a good practice. Plagiarism can, in some cases, involve liability for copyright infringement. While Google isn't interested in policing it, in certain circumstances Plagiarism will get you tossed from search engine indexes.
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Google Does Not Cold Call!

How many times has “Google" cold- called YOU about your business failing in their index? If so, we are 99.99% sure that you were NOT talking to a Google representative. Think about that: Google creates a fair / honest World Wide Web index…
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How To Determine A PPC Advertising Budget?

Pay Per Click Budget For A NEW Advertiser For NEW advertisers it can challenging to set up a pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign, not to mention determine a beginning budget. There's certainly a learning curve and, while there are reliable…