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Whether you are a local or nationally targeted business, showing up in the organic “local map pack” section of search results (based upon location) has become an incredibly important search optimization advantage & opportunity! Not only can the ‘map pack’ show up more prominently on a search results page, but it pretty much standard for mobile device search results too!

Google offers tools that, when verified & set up properly, reward your entire web presence with a decided advantage! Having Google Map & Search listings, Search Console, Analytics, and/or a YouTube Channel all synced verified, and properly optimized (via NAP, Hours of Operation, keywords, website page reference- links, categorization, descriptions & Reviews) will support a decidedly more visible web presence today!

Standard Setup Includes:

      • Verification to prove it’s you before any true value can take hold
      • Optimized Google Map & Search Listings Setup includes optimal page setup, categorization, descriptions, reviews, verification sync with a website, and the optimal set up of all relevant data
      • Google Listing  & Website Sync
      • YouTube Channel Setup, Plus Website Sync
      • Google Search Console Setup includes account setup, sitemap submission, 404s review, new page submissions, etc.
      • Google Analytics Setup

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Note: Google reserves the right to change its tools & formats, at will. In the very rare & unlikely event, they do anything to undermine an existing design, it may require re-doing.