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The April 21st 2015 Google Non- Mobile Friendly Content Deadline!
Published March 2015

April 21st Google Begins Penalizing Non- Mobile Friendly ContentApril 21st will be a significant day for websites & content. According to Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst for Google, on this day Google plans to implement a major change in the content ranking signals they use. It’s a change that will simultaneously penalize non- mobile friendly website content and reward pages that are responsive. If your business already has a mobile responsive website you are in good shape, but be sure to understand the difference between non- mobile friendly, mobile apps’ and actual mobile responsive website content. If you don’t you could be in jeopardy of losing critical search traffic!

Mobile Searchers Have NO Patience With Non- Mobile Friendly Content 

As a marketer, search related traffic is equal to free branding: visibility with qualified consumers & potential new business. However, according to a recent TechWyse survey, mobile users demonstrate NO patience for sites that make them play around with the screen. If they are panning, stretching and scrolling across their phone or tablet from side to side to get information … they will likely move on!  In fact, 61% of mobile users said they are UNLIKELY to return to a site if they have trouble with it. And that’s not all: 40% said they would visit a competitor’s mobile website instead!

If you’re not familiar this quick video on ‘ What Mobile Responsive Content Looks Like ‘ will help!

Google’s Top Priority = User Experience

It’s not surprising that Google feels mobile- friendly websites provide a better experience for their mobile search users.  Quite logical in fact because we already know 50% of all consumers go online via their smart phones & tablets. It only makes sense that Google will want mobile users to find mobile friendly content that is easy to use and that makes searching for information on their smart phone or tablet a breeze.

Converting To Mobile- Friendly

The good news: your existing website and its’ pages can be converted into a mobile friendly website. Whew! No need to recreate the wheel and get a whole new design. We’re capable of either re- developing WordPress websites to a mobile- friendly responsive website (as is) or redesigning with perfectly preserved content, including indexing in- tact.

Google considers user experience their highest priority and all business owners should too.  If you’re ready to go mobile, get in touch with us.  We’d love to answer any questions or discuss your mobile website options today!

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