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On Google Cold CallsHow many times has “Google” cold- called YOU about your business failing in their index?

If so, we are 99.99% sure that you were NOT talking to a Google representative. Think about that: Google creates a fair / honest World Wide Web index of content is their commitment … and then they cold call you to advise on how to jump over all the competition??

NOPE, you were called by less- than- honest people who hope to trick you into hiring them. Unrequested calls from Google simply DO NOT HAPPEN and anyone claiming otherwise is misrepresenting themselves to you.

Google is notoriously reticent about calling a business and when they do, albeit rare, it’s because YOU have scheduled a call to discuss how to use or fix a Google My Business tool. To be specific, when Google does communicate by phone is automated voice or text to provide PINs for account setup, login 2-step verification and/or Google listing verification, etc.

DO NOT BE CONFUSED, Google does NOT cold call and so those calls are NOT from Google!