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Geo- Targeted Content And Local Authority!

Content for New Jersey Business OwnersWhile we often say content is the basis of any competitive web presence, we say it because the goal must always be visiblity as a product and/ or a service authority. For many business owners that authority is local to an area, so using geography in content matters. In fact, geo- targeted content and local authority can be one and the same!

Consumers often think about and then search for answers on what they wish to do; what they wish to know; what they wish to buy and/ or where they wish to go. And both consumers and search engines are concerned with the geography for all of those pursuits. For the business owner who diligently creates these locally specific content pathways the reward can be search indexing, website traffic, social sharing, reviews, phone calls, form fills and new sales!

Geo- Targeted ( Geographic Tree or Anchor or even Evergreen ) Content

Defining one’s authority for service in a town or in a county, maybe like “Blacktop Paving Bergen County NJ”, can be a method for appealing to a searching homeowner who happens to live in that county. These pages may represent the major towns or counties the business targets and, while they need NOT offer a street address or a physical location, they can certainly define experience in/for a given town.

There are also going to be best types of content for a business serving consumers in a particular geography. For instance, a home builder has a better reason for photographic content than maybe a home inspection services company, but the latter shouldn’t rule out the use of imagery. To detail potentially harmful and safe forms of mold common to a local area using imagery matters. In fact, it could be the difference in converting a searching local property owner. Point being, using sound methods for optimization – apply geo-topical authority in content whenever possible!

In Summary

The chance of competing for visibility in search engine results pages begins with content. And Geo- Targeted content is an important competitive strategy for business owners concerned with a target radius of potential business! Get thinking about what you are authoritative for, where and if SEO Services can help your business. Contact Kinetic Knowledge for a consultation today!