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Facebook Is Changing The Facebook News Feed Again

The Changing Facebook News Feed

It’s official, Facebook is once again changing their News Feed. In brief, Facebook has already limited the number of people a post reaches, mostly based upon an algorithm that decides who does and does not see a post. The NEW changes are aimed at creating a (supposedly) more socially friendly & individually targeted user experience, showcasing only the most relevant content to each individual user. The move is ultimately a push to reduce spam in the news feed.

Facebook is shifting its focus towards high quality content, understanding that quality posts often come from the same users. Before this change Facebook would hide multiple posts coming from a single user, fearing it would give off a feeling of spam. Now, the quality of the post is number one, no matter the source.

How Does This Affect Business Pages

Facebook pages are an extremely important marketing tool for business social media efforts. They are not only an avenue to get a message out, but they allow business brands and organizations to share their stories direct, to better connect with voluntary users and also attempt to increase fan-base & overall engagement.

The way this update will affect business pages will depend on the audience and the posting quality of the business page. It will all be based on reach, interaction and ‘the content’ itself. The higher the quality of the post, the more Facebook says it will show or distribute the post . So basically, an actively engaged audience via their interaction with past posts, including liking or sharing, will likely see the posts. If there is lower engagement on the page with past posts, there is going to be an even greater challenge to get posts in front of people. That is unless a business advertises them.

Great For Business Brands

Facebook wants brands people appreciate to get their content to the Facebook users that like them. Facebook will take this content, distribute and aim it at people with a history of interest for the information. Facebook is aiming to take the good content from a business and deliver it straight to their avid customers. This may lead to an explosion in reach and engagement for those with past engagement & the quality people react too.

According to Mark Zuckerberg a regular Facebook user may have around 1500 stories in their newsfeed each day. Of those stories, a user on average reads roughly 100 of those each day. This is due to their keeping the most relevant content alive longer. Regardless, keeping content alive on Facebook is going to require creating ever more quality content, including finding the most clever & creative means to keep those fans engaged.