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On the heels of our most recent blog, Top 10 Reasons to Advertise on Facebook, more exciting news is rolling out about Facebook’s newest ad feature: Dynamic Product Ads.

This new service takes Facebook advertising to the next level by empowering businesses to advertise multiple products, even catalogs of products, to highly targeted audiences across all devices (mobile, desktop, tablet, etc).

Internet Optimization: When To Use SEO, PPC And / Or SMMUsing the new Dynamic Product tool, businesses can showcase multiple products they sell with each product having its own description and own unique URL. Each photo will also have its own statistics, so businesses can measure which photos perform the best.

Multiple images can be used to tell a story (you can set the images in a specific order and get really creative with your social ads) and sell larger packages that require more photos. The possibilities seem endless.  Users can scroll through the images of this type of ad by swiping to the left on mobile phones or tablets or clicking the arrow on desktop computers.

You don’t have to use an entire catalog of products for this tool, but if you have a catalog, you can simply upload the photos to the editor and then Facebook can start generating ads and showing them to your target audience(s). You can also create custom audiences for specific products within your catalog based on gender, age, etc. Dynamic Product Ads really saves you the trouble of guesswork in advertising. Realtors can showcase multiple properties for sale, construction companies can highlight latest projects, home inspectors can advertise different services. This is a good fit for nearly any business.

Another standout feature of these new ads is that Facebook will automatically turn off an ad to users who have already purchased it, ensuring your advertising dollars are not being wasted. These users will still see ads, but only for products they haven’t purchased yet. This creates a new and unique experience each time the customer views your ad.

Dynamic Products Ads aren’t available to everyone just yet- but soon they will be. It has been in the testing phase and has received some very positive feedback.

“The early results have exceeded expectations, with a 20% increase in conversion compared to other Facebook ads. Performance has also been especially strong with people shopping on mobile devices — an important and fast-growing area for Target — where we’re seeing two times the conversion rate.” — Kristi Argyilan, Senior Vice President, Target

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