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Boost Vs. Promote Page in Facebook Ads

Facebook Adverting | Boost Vs. Promote Page in Facebook AdsWhen you first step into the world of Facebook advertising it can be confusing, especially which format to use. With several options including clicks to a website, page likes, post boosting, email dumps and re-targeting you have what seems like endless options. For this post we’ll look at Post Boosts versus  Promoting the entire Page.

Start with a clear goal in mind, knowing exactly what action or conversion you want your ad to promote. With this,  you can then see which is your best option.

Facebook Ads Post Boost

If your goal is to have people engage with particular content, for instance maybe information about one product or service written up in a post, then you should use a post boost. Boosts put your chosen Facebook post in front of more users, and promote engagement such as likes, comments, shares and even traffic back to a website where sales may occur. And the higher the engagement rate, the more people will be presented with your posts organically. Therefor investment in a particular post boost not only promotes that specific content to more people, but it also has a domino effect on them with future content. In addition to the direct action taken on the ad and the exposure it creates, when a user engages with your post it is because of their action it may then be shown to that person’s network of contacts & friends as well.

Facebook Ads Page Likes

If your goal is to grow your connected audience and to  increase the amount of likes to your page, then promoting the entire page for more likes is the ad solution you should choose. You can directly target a specific audience of people who have interests similar or exactly like your page. You can choose to market based upon a specific age, gender, job type, interests … nearly anything! With Facebook, targeting options is a distinct advantage!

Growing the number of people who like your page increases the number of people who will see your posts in their newsfeeds. The more page likes the more potential increase in amount of organic exposure and, of course, engagement naturally. There is also a domino effect in page likes because when an action is taken by a user, their network is much more likely to see the page and possibly like it or share it themselves.

Facebook Advertising Strategy

A good Facebook advertising strategy leverages both of these ad types and others as well in order to promote the brand and get the word out. A balance between Facebook page like and engagement tactics creates a cohesive marketing strategy that keeps your business visible in the very crowded world of Facebook.