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Is a FREE or DIY Website Solution Enough For The Serious Business? 

FREE and DIY Website solutions are advertised as the answer to a small business owners’ prayers. Their argument is a top solution for little to no cost. From the ‘just getting started small business owner’ all the way to the ‘most discerning business owner’ – FREE is certainly interesting.

But can FREE support a serious marketer? What are the “hidden” costs in these solutions (i.e. Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy Central, What are the limitations? 

Businesses have so many challenges, none greater than building a relevant brand. What are the likely realities of FREE or DIY?


Top 10 Things to Consider Before Using a FREE or DIY Website

    1. What is the investment of time in a ‘learning curve’ with a free solution?
    2. Does its’ user own anything, the website or its web footprint, with a free solution?
    3. Does its’ user own or control her own content with a free solution?
    4. Does a free website provider run its own brand or potentially competitive advertising on the website in order to monetize what is supposedly free?
    5. Is there any support if something goes wrong with a free solution?
    6. Is there any accountability to a particular businesses requirements with a free solution?
    7. Are there legitimate search engine optimization tools, including that advance when search engines advance, with a free solution?
    8. Browsers, Search Engines, Google always evolve… what is a free website solutions’ incentive to keep up?
    9. Will free website solutions change their policies to a users’ detriment?
    10. Are all necessary features and applications, plus any flexibility for their customization, available to the average business with a free solution?


Can business assets such as a BRAND be trusted to FREE services? If there are genuine business requirements it may NOT only be useful, but cost-effective to look into website ownership and a genuinely vested interest in webmaster support. And let’s not forget the age old reality that marketing agencies exist to offer a breadth of experience in business strategy and brand promotion. 

Ask us about how WordPress is an advantage and also about webmaster services support the serious marketer!