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Can You Afford A Free Business Website ?

May NOT Want A FREE Website Solution

One way or another we get exactly what we pay for. As a business with so many challenges and responsibilities, including brand identity, we may want to consider these questions before going the free route.

10 Things To Consider Before Using A FREE Website

    1. What is the cost in terms of effort, time and learning curve with free?
    2. Do I own anything, including my long term destiny with free?
    3. Does the owner of this free solution own my content?
    4. Is there any support with if something goes wrong with free?
    5. Is anyone accountable to my particular business requirements with free?
    6. Is there any support for search engine optimization with free?
    7. The web, Google and browsers are always evolving… is my website solution going to keep up with free?
    8. Will my free website ever change its’ policies to my detriment?
    9. Does the free provider use my website to run its own brand or potentially competitive advertising?
    10. Can I use all the features I want or a domain of my choosing with free?

Can business assets such as a brand be trusted to FREE services? If you have real business requirements you may find it useful and cost-effective to discuss website ownership and a genuine vested interest in support.

Ask us about how WordPress is an advantage and then also about webmaster services for the serious marketer.