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Disintermediation: Brand Direct To Target Audiencedisintermediation | kinetic knowledge

Note: this post originally written November 2007, updated today – August 21st 2012!

Consider the value of a website, including its’ blog, as a powerful marketing & advertising tool VERSUS what existed as options in the past. Nowadays the distribution of a brand via content (advertorial in nature) to a targeted audience is no longer cost prohibitive AND no longer solely in the control of large traditional media companies. A recent phenomena, sometimes referred to as disintermediation, allows a business to reach its’ audience immediately! Inexpensively!! defines disintermediation as ‘giving the consumer direct access to information that otherwise would require a mediator, such as a salesperson, a librarian, or a lawyer.’ For the purposes of this post “mediator” means Newspapers, TV Broadcasters, Magazines & large web- based media… all of whom were once a necessity to distribute your message, but NOW you can go direct!

In fact because of reliable search and social networks there’s nothing stopping a business from distributing useful advertorial information to its’ target market.

Blogs As FREE Marketing

Blogs make publishing content cheap and simple. In addition to a ‘rapid publish to the web capability’, it can call to search engines for rapid indexing. Nowadays content is free to go wherever it’s needed. Any consumer has the choice to search, socialize and, in some cases, subscribe. By taking advantage of the opportunity the business is no longer forced to depend upon large media intermediaries. That’s right, a business may actually reduce marketing and advertising cost while reaching prospective clients direct.

Not to say traditional advertising is dead by any stretch. CBS, the New York Times or even a local newspapers’ audience remain loyal, but to invade that connection requires an ad’ and it costs a lot of money. Now with a little effort a business can reach customers direct and without traditional media intermediaries; they can repeatedly touch clients & prospects with great new information – direct! We’re saying it’s a leveled playing field for the distribution of information! Consumers no longer need to stumble upon your ad in order to be informed about what you have to offer.