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Beginner WordPress Education, Adding Blog Posts

Let’s list the steps to creating a new blog post. I’ll also embed educational video support into the post [below] for some detail and clarification.
  1. Login to your dashboard –
  2. Look for ‘Posts‘ – upper left side of your dashboard
  3. Choose ‘Add New’ from its’ dropdown of choices
  4. That opens your Post Editor, which we’ve reviewed in a post editor video
  5. Title your post, be succinct, use under 70 total characters and target strategic keywords
  6. Add Content, add value for the user, target strategic keywords and, if it is all coming over from another program … maybe your desktop… strip any editorial coding or expect formatting issues
  7. Choose post Author
  8. Tags, most search engines ignore them but they can create a taxonomy or navigation on your site if you choose to make them visible
  9. Categories, choose only 1 as a discipline, but its good to have 5- 8 succinct broad subject category choices available because 1) they can support permalink SEO tactics and then also 2) create a form of taxonomy or navigation for visitors
  10. I like to save a Draft so I can review the post – spell check, revise and because at times the WordPress editor is buggy and adds some unwanted formatting
  11. Preview!
  12. Assuming all is in order, Publish!


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