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Using Content And Social Media To Gain Business Leads

Content and Social Media

When it comes down to it, content is ground zero for everything you want your business to achieve online. People search, socialize, share, like and they bookmark things all day long AND you must be there demonstrating your authority when they do!

And while some have good content on their website, many ( maybe you ?? ) neglect to incorporate it into their social media channels as a crucial part of their marketing mix. If so, that is under-utilizing a powerful tool that can take website traffic and new business to a whole new level.

Simply writing up new content on a website is NOT enough. Not to be more visible than the competition! Folks, the masses frequent social media SO USE IT to initiate visibility among those consumers you’d want to drive back to your fully detailed content. Ask yourself: what good is excellent content if no one is present to read it?

Leverage Social Media As A Marketing And Advertising Channel

Social media is essentially available for content sharing. It is estimated that over 4.75 billion pieces of content get shared via social media on a daily basis. Content fuels social media and social media spreads ( sometimes in a viral manner ) quality content fast!

Entertaining content doesn’t hurt either, BUT the key components should be timely, informative, useful and high quality!

How To Find & Choose The Right Content To Share

Figuring out what content to share can be a bit time consuming and overwhelming. Each social network works differently and they change, but there is an endless amount of resources to learn from and to pull content ideas from too.

  • Research what questions people are asking about your industry and identify those that have NOT been answered well, or even at all. Answer them!
  • Ask your customers what they need. Using social media ( even ), reach out and ask people what they are looking for. A clever and invaluable way to leverage social networks as a source for content ideas. It’s interactive, honest and folks often enjoy being involved in the process.
  • Look at the competitors. What are they doing? You can even use social media to spy a bit! By following what they are doing you will see what works and also what gaps are left that you can fill.
  • Let your customers do some of the work. If a customer has quoted you, used your products in a project or has simply offered a good review of your business, share it as good content!

Getting Your Content To The Right People On Social Media

Once you have found your content it’s time to use social networks to get the word out. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus offer a network of literally billions of potential customers with millions being regular active users. Learning the tricks of targeting, for instance with hashtags, lets you reach the people that are likely to be interested in your content and ultimately your business. It may sound like a needle in a haystack to find them, but use the right keywords, hashtags and they will be coming. Once they learn you share quality, informative content, they will certainly become regular followers of your business and therefore red hot leads.

Build A Good Social Media Reputation

As you gain popularity on social media and start to experience the domino effect social sharing has on your content, people will begin to view you as a trusted source of good information. Every Facebook share and Twitter retweet exposes your content, your business and your website to a network of engaged users, otherwise known as business leads. What better a way to drive traffic to your website and capture leads then by becoming a trusted resource of information and engaging content on social media.

In today’s business world, there is no better way to market your website or business than by utilizing a balanced method of quality content creation, and social media. They work in synergy with each other, exposing your business to an endless amount of leads while simultaneously building your brand a good standing reputation. There truly has never been anything else like it in the marketing world.