Positives and negatives related to using YouTube for business

Why Do Business Owners Need To Consider Video in 2019?

When Think with Google asked its’ audience (1,006 consumers between 18 and 54 surveyed Oct 2017) why they go to YouTube, surprisingly, it was NOT all for the entertainment. Instead consider ‘how- to video’ and then have a look at the below ‘Why people turn to YouTube’ chart compiled from the survey & resulting data:

how- to video on youtube


People Want To Learn Fast, So Help Them!

According to the study, 7 in 10 people turn to YouTube in order to help themselves with a problem. It’s for their work, their school or studies and also for general hobbies.

Better yet, 86% said they turn to YouTube to learn something completely new.

That’s right! ‘ How- to content ‘ actually gathers more attention than anything else on YouTube, including even music and gaming.



How Might Different Types of Business Use ‘How To Video’ To Draw New Leads?


Real Estate Agent or Agency

> How I go about getting qualified for a mortgage?

Builder / Developer

> What does it cost per square foot to build a home in my town?

Paving Contractor

> When is it time to re- build a driveway?

Home Inspector

> How would I really know if my home has mold?

Insurance Agency

> How much per incident auto coverage should I have, at minimum?

The point is demonstrating a knowledge of highly specific subjects in video that prospects are searching for and, in doing so, branding oneself = the business as the authoritative helpful professional for those same prospects to chose!

Folks the more useful your how- to video the more likely you will capture qualified leads! 

Video Commercials And Small Business video production by Kinetic Knowledge

Social media platforms allow even the smallest business to advertise video commercials online to a potentially massive audience and without breaking the budget! That plus a share-friendly environment, where video can be viewed and then shared to friends easily, offers a revolutionary opportunity. Here are some tips for creating compelling video commercials. 

Commercial Video Type

Businesses typically use either promotional video or a commercial, and there is a difference between the two. Promotional videos are often more lengthy, possibly with detailed explanations for a product or service. They act more as a showcase for a brand’s offerings. A commercial is more likely meant to establish a brand in a memorable way, without being too long or cinematic.

Promotional videos can work well for specific initiatives like maybe a specific product launch; whereas, a commercial might be a unique and interactive way to introduce a brand to a target audience. Commercials are often used to drive traffic, maybe to raise brand awareness and/ or expand reach with new prospects.

Script For Video Commercials

A key component to some video is the script; its purpose being to convince prospects of the value in goods or services. And while most of us are not wordsmiths or copy writers, it is important to consider tone, intention and the target- prospect. The point is always to ensure an audience takes something important away from having viewed the video. With a script, consider asking these questions:

  • Who is this commercial for?
  • What problem does the subject solve?
  • What is the a call-to-action?
  • What is the goal?

And remember that while commercial video may be brief, pertinent information should still keep an audience interested while getting the point across!

YouTube And Facebook Video Ads

YouTube, Facebook & Instagram offer great options for advertising with video content. In fact Facebook ads can be integrated with Instagram to reach an even larger audience. YouTube charges advertisers when their entire ad is viewed (i.e. not when skipped over); whereas, Facebook typically charges a rate based upon impressions. For users to watch advertising video on Facebook they have to be logged, but with YouTube they do not. On YouTube ads are placed in-stream (i.e. ads play before a chosen video starts), but they also offer opportunities to pace static banners as overlays on or beside a random video. Facebook is tops for selecting keywords & demographic target information in order to ensure the video reaches the best audience.


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YouTube Is The No. 2 Most Trafficked WebsiteYouTube Video Advertising Campaigns by Kinetic Knowledge

Based upon the number of visitors and pageviews, YouTube is the 2nd most trafficked website online to Google (see top website traffic here). That’s right, YouTube gets more traffic than Facebook! And, by the way, Google owns YouTube so we can be certain its’ video content has favored, if not prioritized, visibility in Google search result pages.

Education Is A Marketing Opportunity

Education is one of the major reasons people visit YouTube and that’s not just a trend; it is an opportunity! Marketers (= you!) can leverage the vast interest in education for branding, traffic and new business leads. How? Whether it’s a clever advertising campaign of pre- roll video or a branded video education channel full of content, there is a qualified audience here for the taking. After all viewers are searching information every day on virtually all subjects and YouTube offers inexpensive targeted ad’ campaign and free video channel options. In the latter option mentioned, often referred to as edutizing, a marketer can build its’ helpful brand amongst the most qualified potential prospects with a channel full of useful answers to their common questions. In the former (pre- roll advertising campaign) example, an advertiser can easily target those qualified searches by presenting their brand value in quick 30 second pre- roll video ads.

How Can Education be Marketing or Advertising For The Average Business?

For a business owner, what education supports selling products and services? How about useful answers to common questions that not only inform, but that build trust among the qualified prospects already searching for them. Answers to questions directly related to the products & services the marketer sells?

Obvious Marketer Video Examples Might Include

Home Builder

What are the best use options for a fixed amount of space when building a new home?

Insurance Agent

How do you value your home for the property damage limits in a homeowners’ policy?


What kind of stretching can be done to relieve lower back pain?

Home Inspector

What does mold look like or what is the bad mold you need to deal with?

Real Estate Agent

How does a local real estate market determine the prices of homes for sale?

Video ad design Video editing or YouTube Advertising Campaign Management

Wish to talk more about how YouTube can support growth in your business? Whether it’s video ad design, video editing or YouTube advertising campaign management Kinetic Knowledge can help. Give us a call anytime at 732 722 5915 or ask questions here and we’ll get back to you quick!

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