WordPress Websites For BusinessWhy Is WordPress Better For A Business Owner?

Often a business owner will approach us with a broken WordPress website. “Why is my website broken? What has or has not been done to cause this? Can you fix it and avoid these problems in the future? And the answers need to be explained in ‘layperson terms’ so that even the least tech’ savvy business owner can feel informed & confident. After all, for a business serious about its’ marketing, all that is at stake is the health of a brand, its’ ever- growing web footprint and money.

A WordPress website is, essentially, a collection of folders and files that you can own, control and move host to host without undermining web footprint, but it also has to be managed month over month. 

WordPress.org is software managed by thousands of people invested in its survival (= open source software) AND NOT its direct profit (= proprietary software). If these managers make a living from WordPress it is first because the core software advances and survives. They can then offer services that add value for a fee. Versus a proprietary solution, which more often than not prioritizes its’ own profitability before it does the value of the software to another, it makes a world of sense. In many ways it has been a best case scenario for a business interested in having control over the long term direction of its’ brand. Virtually limitless pre- coded affordable application options is also a unique advantage stemming from its status as open source.

And so over the course of 15+ years this ingenious, but intuitive content management system has emerged as the go- to website solution for serious marketers. WP doesn’t come without challenges and as above it must be managed & updated, but is anything of value to so many ever simple? As of April 2017 it is believed to be responsible for 27.8% of all the world’s websites.

WordPress Folders Defined

At its base there are three folders that work together, but have specific purpose. These include the wp-content, wp-admin, wp-includes folders.

I.) The wp-content directory folder is where a websites’ actual content lives, for instance it might hold plugins (i.e. functional applications like contact forms or e- commerce), themes (i.e. design framework), uploads (i.e. PDFs and images), etc. When WordPress core is first installed wp- content has nothing except maybe a basic default theme. It is the only folder that is constantly edited and so when core WordPress upgrades come, this folder goes untouched. Not to say that plugin applications and themes do not get their own upgrades because, in fact, they do and nowadays customization should be managed within documented parameters. Plugin application and theme updates often follow the core WordPress updates, and may conflict if theme or application customization was done outside set parameters. To be thorough here, when we say “WordPress core” we mean everything that is NOT in the wp-content folder. The setup makes upgrading core WordPress relatively easy because content and design remain separate from that framework.

II.) The wp-admin folder houses all the functions of the administrative panel of a WordPress site. It’s where one accesses the inner workings of WordPress, for instance to create or update a user account, a page, a blog post, etc.

III.) The wp-includes folder contains a bunch of function folders that make it all work. It’s where the meat of core WordPress code lives. These folders have a ton of classes and functions, that for instance enable a WordPress website to have a theme that can be designed or developed. It is all loaded before the theme so all themes can then have access to these classes and functions.

WordPress Files Defined

At the base or root level there aren’t many notable files; however, maybe the most important file in all of WordPress does and that is the wp-config.php. This is where the website’s base configuration code lies, such as its database connection information. When people try to hack a WordPress website they start here in order to try and access that database. Wp-config.php is also the only file one might or even should ever edit that’s not of the theme. The rest of the most important files end up in the actual theme itself. These might include:

  • style.css – file holds all the CSS ( cascading style sheets ) for theme(s) and theme info (name, author, version, etc.)
  • index.php – fallback template for all content
  • single.php – template for a single blog post
  • page.php – template for a single page
  • page-{templatename}.php – template for a different type of a page, maybe for instance without any sidebars
  • home.php – template for the front page
  • header.php – template for all header info and navigation
  • footer.php – template for all footer info
  • sidebar.php – template for a sidebar of the site
  • functions.php – where all theme functions live
  • comments.php – the comments template
  • 404.php – template displayed when a URL can’t be displayed

And while the definition of its files & folders, or its ingenious setup, may not be the most exciting thing to understand; what is especially great about WordPress for the business owner is they can not only continually grow an online presence over time, unencumbered with almost unlimited options for advancement & change, but own it all outright! 

Two-Factor Authentication To Enhance WordPress Security | Kinetic Knowledge Monmouth County NJ

Two-Factor Authentication To Enhance WordPress Security | Kinetic Knowledge Monmouth County NJSecurity concerns have grown for all website owners and WordPress is no exception. With a good host and management plan in place WordPress can be as reliable a platform as there is available. Precautions such as adding two-factor authentication can make a dramatic difference.

What Is Two-Factor Authentication?

Simply put, Two- Factor Authentication is where two forms of identity are used to verify a user. During two-factor authentication a person is asked to provide a combination of something they know, something they have or something they are. A common non web example of two factor authentication is providing both a debit card (something you have) and a pin number (something you know) to make a purchase. Traditionally on the web, authentication is simply entering something you know (a username and password). With two-factor authentication, an extra layer of security is added by requiring additional information beyond simply what you know. This makes it much more difficult for your identity to be compromised as it needs to be breached in more than one area, making the theft much more difficult to attain.

How Two-Factor Authentication Works With WordPress Websites

When two-factor authentication is put into action on a WordPress website, more often than not it will work by requiring the username and password, and then utilizing an app on the user’s phone to generate a code, which then needs to be entered on the website. This represents both something you know (your password) and something you have (access to the code). To be able to steal your identity, a hacker would need to both know your password, and have access to the security code. There are many plugins available to implement two-factor authentication, but not all are equal. A reliable, secure, highly rated and regularly updated plugin must be chosen to protect the security of your site (and this goes for all plugins, always)! To avoid making the wrong choices and getting caught without the right security, make sure you are hosted with a dedicated WordPress Host with a reliable management plan and an Advanced WordPress Website Security Plan, because two-factor authentication alone is not enough.

Kinetic Knowledge WordPress Host & Management Offers Two-Factor Authentication

Kinetic Knowledge provides advanced WordPress security to its customers that not only offers the highest level of pre-emptive security designed specifically for WordPress, but we also include manual malware removal and resubmission to Google. Included is also the option to add two-factor authentication. You will be hard pressed to find other security plans out there that offer manual removal, let alone at this level of cost. We do this simply because we know that security is now the most important factor to consider with an online business, and being hacked is a huge headache and major expense. We simply aim to prevent that. Of course there is no perfect security solution since hackers are innovating new methods everyday. But you can have peace of mind knowing our plan includes removal of anything that might get through. With Kinetic Knowledge you are protected.


kinetic knowledge wordpress management services

Tired Of Poor WordPress Host and Management? 

If you are tired of distant hosts, automated phone systems that waste your time, high employee turnover and/or an utter lack of knowledge for ( or interest in ) you and your business … well, than that is just a start for why having this type of WordPress Host and Management service will matter to your business!

WordPress itself, its themes and plugin applications all receive updates regularly in order to both advance the site’s software and to harden code against vulnerability to hack. Day in and day out we are contacted by business owners using WordPress who may host somewhere (?), but see no management (!). Worse, they have been hacked and need immediate help! Keep in mind, any update can clash or cause breaks so as managers we are set up to deal with all of that. What’s more, if updates are not being managed the site will become rapidly more vulnerable to hack and malware infusion – a business owner’s worst nightmare!


Experienced WordPress Host, Security, Content, Social Media and SEO Managers

We are WordPress managers with host, security, e- commerce, search optimization and social media plans for the most particular need.WordPress Host and Managers Kinetic Knowlege Monmouth County NJ

• WordPress Plans – https://www.kineticknowledge.com/monthly-service-plans/
• About WordPress – https://www.kineticknowledge.com/resources/wordpress/
• About Kinetic Knowledge – https://www.kineticknowledge.com/about-us/
• WordPress News & Support Coverage – https://www.kineticknowledge.com/blog/

AND our comprehensive WP security plan offers the top security for WordPress PLUS (if it is ever needed) a commitment to manual malware cleaning and the re- submission to Google all for a low monthly cost.

Not only is WordPress affordable, but it is also user friendly, constantly improved upon and portable. Here we will explain these reasons why WordPress is the best website software for marketers | Kinetic Knowlege Monmouth County NJPrevent Your WordPress Website From Being Hacked

Our Advanced WordPress Website Security Plan offers heavy duty pre- emptive security ( see details below ) designed for WordPress websites. PLUS IT PROACTIVELY INCLUDES A) ‘manual malware removal’ AND B) resubmission to Google, a couple gigantic headache items you will rarely see included in other plans. It makes this plan both comprehensive and (competitively) cheap!

Hackers Will Find Ways To Hack Sites

The best defense is a proactive one. Why NOT have a plan already in place that will save time, stress and your bottom line?! Manual malware removal, for when a hack gets through, is what virtually all other WordPress security plans leave out due to the time, effort, knowledge and cost involved in doing it correctly! There is no perfect security solution or guarantee because hackers come up with new methods every day. And ONLY YOU can protect your personal devices locally, which when ignored can rapidly become the problem. Our plan gives you peace of mind by including ‘manual malware removal’ PLUS Google re- submission when needed!

Advanced WordPress Security Plan Includes:

  • Malware Scanner > Scans daily for Malware, Bad URLs, Backdoors and DNS Changes
  • Real-Time Threat Defense Feed > protection from the latest threats to WordPress sites, added from worldwide episode data as they emerge
  • Country Blocking > stops an attack, prevents content theft or ends malicious activity that originates from a geographic region in less than a second
  • Check if Website IP is Generating Spam > confirms that your site is running on a clean IP address, which prevents blacklistingKinetic Knowledge WordPress Security Management
  • Check if Website is Spamvertized > checks if your website URL has been flagged anywhere for spamvertising
  • Cell Phone Sign In Option > “Two Factor Authentication” > this is used by banks, government agencies and the military
  • Audit Existing Passwords > ensures your passwords are strong by checking them against a database of common passwords
  • Advanced Comment Spam Filter > want blog comments? > advanced comment spam filter provides an additional layer of filtering
  • Web Application Firewall > identifies malicious traffic, then blocks these attackers before they can access your website
  • Block Brute Force Attacks > stops brute force attacks permanently
  • View Blocked Intrusion Attempts, Google Crawl Activity, Bots and Crawlers, Logins and Logouts, Human Visitors and Gathers Detailed IP Info
  • Monitors Disk Space
  • And again > this plan includes manual website & database malware removal PLUS re- submission to Google when needed!

$21 per month > That’s heavy duty security, strictly designed for WordPress websites, by Kinetic Knowledge!