WordPress Website Security Prevent Your WordPress Website From Being Hacked

Our Advanced WordPress Website Security Plan offers heavy-duty pre-emptive security (see details below) designed for WordPress websites. PLUS our plan includes A) ‘manual malware removal’ AND B) resubmission to Google, for in the event! These are a couple of gigantic headache items you will rarely see included in other plans. It makes this plan both comprehensive and (competitively) cheap!

Hackers Will Find Ways To Hack Websites

The best defense is being proactive. Why NOT have a program in place that will save time, stress and your bottom line?! Manual malware removal, for when a hack gets through, is what virtually all other WordPress security plans leave out. Why? It’s due to the time, effort and cost involved in execution! There is no perfect security solution or guarantee because hackers come up with new methods every day. ONLY YOU can protect your personal devices locally, which ignored can rapidly become the problem. Our plan gives you peace of mind by including ‘manual malware removal’ PLUS Google resubmission when needed!

Advanced WordPress Security Plan Includes:

  • Firewall > Analyzes and identifies malicious traffic, then blocks would-be attackers before they can access the website
  • Malware Scanning – Daily scans for malware, vulnerabilities, site errors and out-of-date software
  • Brute Force Protection – Limit the number of failed login attempts allowed per user, if someone is trying to guess your password they’ll be locked out at 4 attempts
  • File Change Detection – Email alerts showing any file changes, so you can see any change that occurs
  • 404 Detection – Lockout IPs that commit multiple 404 errors
  • Strong Password Enforcement – Set user levels (admins, editors, users, etc.) and require strong passwords
  • Lock Out Bad Users – Bot blacklist identification & blocking, also too many failed login attempts blocking
  • Away Mode – When there is downtime the dashboard can be set up for inaccessibility
  • Hidden Login Pages – Special non- default URL for can be set up for login pages
  • Database Backup – Monthly website and website database backs ups
  • Two- factor Authentication – Required password AND secondary code sent to phone can be setup
  • User Security Check – Reporting for if/ when a user account is insecure
  • Security Grade Reports – Advises on if there are website weaknesses, like a new plugin behind on its updates
  • PLUS Kinetic!! > And manual website & database malware removal PLUS resubmission to Google when needed – the biggest potential problem & cost to business people!

$21 $16 per month > That’s heavy-duty security, strictly designed for WordPress websites, by Kinetic Knowledge!


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