WordPress Website Security Prevent Your WordPress Website From Being Hacked

Our Advanced WordPress Website Security Plan offers heavy-duty pre-emptive security (see details below) designed for WordPress websites. PLUS our plan includes A) ‘manual malware removal’ AND B) resubmission to Google, for in the event! These are a couple of gigantic headache items you will rarely see included in other plans. It makes this plan both comprehensive and (competitively) cheap!

Hackers Will Find Ways To Hack Websites

The best defense is being proactive. Why NOT have a program in place that will save time, stress and your bottom line?! Manual malware removal, for when a hack gets through, is what virtually all other WordPress security plans leave out. Why? It’s due to the time, effort and cost involved in execution! There is no perfect security solution or guarantee because hackers come up with new methods every day. ONLY YOU can protect your personal devices locally, which ignored can rapidly become the problem. Our plan gives you peace of mind by including ‘manual malware removal’ PLUS Google resubmission when needed!

Advanced WordPress Security Plan Includes:

  • Firewall > Analyzes and identifies malicious traffic, then blocks would-be attackers before they can access the website
  • Malware Scanning – Daily scans for malware, vulnerabilities, site errors and out-of-date software
  • Brute Force Protection – Limit the number of failed login attempts allowed per user, if someone is trying to guess your password they’ll be locked out at 4 attempts
  • File Change Detection – Email alerts showing any file changes, so you can see any change that occurs
  • 404 Detection – Lockout IPs that commit multiple 404 errors
  • Strong Password Enforcement – Set user levels (admins, editors, users, etc.) and require strong passwords
  • Lock Out Bad Users – Bot blacklist identification & blocking, also too many failed login attempts blocking
  • Away Mode – When there is downtime the dashboard can be set up for inaccessibility
  • Hidden Login Pages – Special non- default URL for can be set up for login pages
  • Database Backup – Monthly website and website database backs ups
  • Two- factor Authentication – Required password AND secondary code sent to phone can be setup
  • User Security Check – Reporting for if/ when a user account is insecure
  • Security Grade Reports – Advises on if there are website weaknesses, like a new plugin behind on its updates
  • PLUS Kinetic!! > And manual website & database malware removal PLUS resubmission to Google when needed – the biggest potential problem & cost to business people!

$21 $16 per month > That’s heavy-duty security, strictly designed for WordPress websites, by Kinetic Knowledge!


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WordPress Website Updates Correctly?


Business owners often get in touch to ask about their WordPress website. Sometimes it’s about WordPress theme, maybe a custom coded edit meant to meet a particular design detail that undermined other core elements. Other times, maybe the website has been hacked by a nefarious 3rd party. Most of the time it is a WordPress website that was simply left without updates management. Maybe a year or two behind in its required updates and it is in trouble.

If ‘WordPress updates management’ doesn’t sound familiar, you had better look into it ASAP. Those updates are coming every month. You see the web,  browsers, search engines, and social networks all advance. So how can any serious website solution not remain in sync? WordPress, including its theme and applications advance…  and that’s an advantage. And it must be managed!    


Managing WordPress Managing WordPress


Websites are a business asset that should be prepared to capture new business at any time! Sooner or later valuable assets require resources, time, or even a little investment. Let’s look at what challenges there may be when managing WordPress:

  1. WordPress Core Updates – WordPress releases updates quite regularly in order to advance features and also harden code against vulnerability. Updates must be managed. If there are custom design elements, plugin applications or any unique code modification than updates can require more careful management.
  2. Theme & Plugin Updates – Like core WordPress, themes and plugin applications release updates that must be managed. Better not to do it, but if the theme or plugin has ever been modified be sure to manage them carefully. Updates will routinely break modifications, if not managed.
  3. Customization & Design – Any brand is going to need some design work. Just be sure design doesn’t undermine website code, or for instance, its’ ability to render based upon mobile responsive standards. This isn’t print folks; there’s nothing static about this so respect there is a stack of technology necessary to have something special on the web. 
  4. Content – It’s creation and updating should never end! It’s should be easily navigated; it’s got to be authoritative, useful and it should talk to search engines without undermining any value with humans. Creating content in WordPress has some learning curve, but it is ultimately simple. And website content must be managed! 
  5. HostingHosting is not simple! Like anything else, you get what you pay for. Be sure to understand the host’s ability to handle WordPress, its’ customer service obligations, amount of memory, storage, bandwidth, and backup or assume there will surprises.
  6. Security – Servers get attacked; sites get hacked and business assets need security. And security plugin applications also update. 
  7. Load Times – Load times appeal to both search spiders and humans. If loads get too slow, competitive SEO suffers and humans get impatient potentially defeating the whole purpose of being there! Any combination of plugins or code modification can undermine loads, so management is key.
  8. Page URLs – New page or post URLs should be set to support search engines so build them properly.
  9. Avoiding Duplicate Pages – Duplication won’t necessarily kill a website, but it can lessen any positive gains when search engines come to crawl. Do it and risk crucial page, keyword, and key phrase indexing.
  10. Lead Capture – It’s one thing to have visitors, another to capture them as leads. What ‘call to action’ exists to motivate a call or a form-fill? And does the related website contact form email notification reach inboxes? Often email hosts see website driven email as spoofing and block them, potentially negating good leads and new business, so triple-check! 
  11. Support – And lot’s more, but consider how much time there is to understand all of the above? If not, WordPress management help is readily available – as about support today!


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Sure You Do NOT Need WordPress?

NOT Need WordPress Some time ago we wrote about the Top reasons this website software is so important for the serious business!’ Soon thereafter a business associate called to say,
“If you really want to give folks some ideas, write about what they’re missing when they do NOT use WordPress.” She had a great point and so here are the: 

Top 5 Reasons A Business May NOT


1. Do NOT Need Advancement – You do not appreciate advancement in your website’s code, all the while knowing the web, browsers, search engines, hacks, and information-seeking consumers are moving forward with or without you.

2. Do NOT NEED Ownership – You do not wish to own or control your website, online brand, and (what is) ground zero for where prospective buyers become leads. Rather you will place it all in an environment offered by those whose goal is to use your presence for their own endeavors. 

3. Do NOT Need Better SEO – You do not want all the search- engine friendly tools necessary to build competitive content, not to mention those added as the software rapidly advances or those endless plugin application options solely designed for WordPress. 

4. Do NOT Need Content – You do not appreciate simple content creation, nor endless plugin application options solely designed for WordPress.

5. Do NOT Need The Most Design Options Possible – You do not appreciate the unlimited design-ready theme option reality of WordPress. 

And while this post pokes some fun, there’s a great deal of truth to the advantages of WordPress for business. Kinetic Knowledge is a specialized WordPress Designer, Developer, Webmaster, Host, And Managed Support Service 🙂 

Simple Hidden Page on WordPress | WordPress Development

wordpress hidden page There may be times when you want to create a hidden page on your WordPress website; one that won’t be included in your main navigation. For example, maybe you are sending out direct mail with a special promotional offer. You want the recipients of the direct mail to be able to go to a special page on your website to claim that offer or get more information, but you don’t want all random visitors to your website to be able to claim the offer. Simple!

In this case, you can create a page on your website that is not in navigation so it can only be accessed by the public if they know the URL (example: www.johnswebsite.com/specialoffer). To ensure exclusive access, only for those you invite, you want to create a ‘hidden’ page. This is very simple to do and actually involves fewer steps than it takes to add a new page to your main navigation.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log in to your WordPress website and access your dashboard.
  2. Under pages, select ‘add new’.
  3. Create your new page, complete with title, content, images, and lead capture forms (if you are using any).
    Be sure to edit the permalink (directly under the page title) to be an exact match of the URL you may include in your marketing materials.
  4. Once you have finalized your page, hit ‘publish’ in the upper right-hand corner.
  5. To access this page, users will need to enter the exact URL address you specified for the page. For that reason, you may want to keep it short and sweet. You can access this page at any time by going to your dashboard and selecting ‘all pages.’
wordpress services | hidden pages

Be sure to edit the permalink to match your marketing materials.


Learn more about using WordPress websites for business.

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