Browser Safe Fonts In Web Design


Choosing Browser Safe Fonts For Your Site

  Did you know a browser (i.e. Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer) can ONLY display fonts, for the web page being viewed, that are installed on that particular PC or MAC? To the average business person interested in a particular website design ‘Web typography’ and the use of fonts on the World Wide Web can be a confusing subject.

  What it means to a website owner is that visitors MAY NOT see their site exactly as planned unless they choose fonts carefully. To avoid the possibility of visitors looking at a web page in a font never intended it’s important to choose from what are the most universally accepted fonts. Fonts used by the most versions of Windows and Mac operating systems.

Fonts Most Likely To Be Displayed Successfully In The Widest Range Of Computers:


Universally Accepted Browser Fonts | Browser Safe Fonts

For a greater depth of information on the subject try ‘Web Typography’ and the use of fonts on the web‘. 

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Page URLs And Your Traffic!


Traffic and New Business

how site traffic relates to page URLs  If growing traffic and new business matters to you then accounting for content & page URLs over time is strategic! This post stems from regular questions we get on the subject of site redesign or consolidation and the simultaneous maintenance of keyword indexing and backlinks, including bookmarks, that page URLs accumulate.

  And if a URL must change, you have options.


Breaking It Down

  When your pages have keywords indexed by search engines it’s based upon a record of the page URL where that keyword exists. For instance, each month Paulette Zuena sees traffic to her Andover MA Real Estate & Community News website for searches related to the subject of homes and real estate around the community of Andover. That’s because  covers the subject and search engines have indexed it and all of its’ page URLs for their keywords.

  Just like you, Paulette Zuena wants to maintain and grow that search indexing, the related traffic AND any potential for new business.


Site Redesign Or Sites Consolidation: Account For URLs!

  If you’re redesigning (or consolidating) a site with no intention of changing the domain, simply be sure to ask that your designer maintain all existing page URLs. It’s possible a setting for the structure of your URLs could change if no one’s paying attention, so be sure to ask!

  If you do intend to change your domain then look into redirects or what technically is referred to as a Permanent 301 Redirect. Visitors and search engines can then access your pages as if they never moved, by automatically sending them to the new URLs. It’s coded into the new pages and the most search engine-friendly method of redirection to a new page URL.

  In any event, please do not hesitate to talk to us about any site redesign projects you may have in mind today!

What Is Your Goal With Site Development And Design?




  Here are some questions to ask yourself when approaching the site development & design process… and while your designer can certainly guide you, it’s crucial you – the business person – think this through!

1. What Do You Do Different: What Makes You Unique In Ways That Would Attract Clients? Who are they? Not to be confusing here, but it’s all about the audience. Sure you will profile yourself, including your special talents, but this question helps you to determine what and who your target audience is.

2. What Does Your Target Audience Want? Remember, it’s not about you. And be assured, they make rapid decisions when searching. It’s about them and what they’d like to see and to have access too! What are they truly researching or looking for? Determine this and make sure it’s available – front and center!

> Design is Important: Engagement, Branding & Lead Capture are More Important! <

3. What Will Generate Lead Capture? Your future customers are searching and researching. They don’t want your pitch until they’re convinced you’ve got something to offer. They have that power nowadays. So, what are you giving them that’s worth a closer look AND what will get you a sign up or registration?

4. What is Your Goal? Look, we all know it’s “sales”, but you’re smarter than that. In this day and age, sales is about getting to the next step! What will get you closer to more sales? It’s likely permission to follow through with a qualified [ = ‘most likely to buy’ ] audience. So are the resources you’ve chosen to provide going to motivate lead capture … and are they going to get you to the next step?

Content Is The Key!

  There is no meaningful development or design without content. Not if you have goals, so develop & design around the belief you must offer content in order to engage, brand, capture and sell to your target audience!

  Why build any site if it’s not a platform to support:

  • content creation;
  • search crawling & key phrase indexing;
  • voluntary subscription;
  • connectivity to social network accounts & other sites;
  • back links & bookmarks;
  • deeper brand engagement AND
  • more lead capture?



WordPress For Company Websites? Why Not, Indeed!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a stellar real estate technology event in Denver – REBarCamp (you can share the day’s tweet love here #REBCDEN).  Real estate tech geeks from Colorado (and some from further away!) got together to share growing industry trends and ideas.

By now most of you know that aside from content creation and social media services, Kinetic Knowledge builds managed WordPress platforms for our clients.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear the overall tone of the day – drop what you’re doing and pay attention to WordPress!

Presentations carried strong messages such as, “If your site is not WordPress or Drupal already, junk it now or pay someone to migrate it for you.” Rich Morrow

Wow!  As I smiled internally, I also had an “aha” moment.  When we hear WordPress we immediately think blogging.  And, yes WordPress is the best blogging platform around IMHO.  However, how many of us hear WordPress and think high performing, fantastic looking, easily managed, REAL TIME – websites?  Yes, Yes, Yes – brilliant!  The bottom line is that WordPress is built on an amazing set of bricks – the architecture is not only suitable for stellar blogs but also for highly effective custom website platforms that allow you to manage the flow of your own static messaging.

Reflect back on all the money you’ve ever spent creating websites… astounding right?  I personally can recall working for a real estate company who spent $32,000 to have the best darn database driven website around.  And at the time, they had to in order to compete.  Now think forward to the opportunity staring you down.  WordPress provides the business tools you need to get better performance while reducing your overall online marketing costs. That’s right, I said it.  In the longrun (heck – in the shortrun), using an adaptable platform like WordPress will save you money – via ease of content management, via search engine optimization, via saved human resources, via technical adaptability.  It’s a no brainer, truly.  And yes, clearly I’m biased but I’m also trying to provide valuable information to help you out!

Let’s overview just some of the things Wordress makes easy:

  • Naturally attract search engines
  • Blog to further attract search engines
  • Attack niche markets via the type of content you release
  • Create and manage your own static webpages
  • Modify your own site navigation
  • Create and manage your own lead generation forms (somewhat techie but doable)
  • Add third party functionalities via widget spaces (maybe too techie for some, but nonetheless doable)
  • Change up the look and feel of your sites (again, techie but doable for some)
  • Plug-in e-commerce portals
  • Add tools to grow your reader subscriptions for permission based marketing efforts
  • Set up your site to push your message to social networks
  • Manage product databases

And the list could go on and on…  Bottom line: this is a very viable platform not only for bloggers but for savvy business folks looking to nail on online web presence.

One thing I’ll leave you with – you often hear WordPress and think “do it yourself”.  Companies such as Kinetic Knowledge provide managed WordPress web, blogging and social media services for a fraction of the cost of marketing and website firms.  Consider the value of your time – if things like plug-ins, code, php, widgets, themes, FTP, server configurations, software upgrades, etc. sound foreign to you – they are.  While WordPress is a very agile open source system that technically CAN be installed by any individual, it’s always prudent to hire to your weakness and guard your valuable time for what you do best.  Use us to tap into this opportunity – we are here to help!

Thanks to @daveintucson for the spark and a great “aha” moment – a thought provoking presentation yesterday!