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For those marketers considering a new website, the first question becomes “what solution should we use for our business website?” According to W3Techs Web Technology survey, WordPress holds the largest share or 36.2% of the market worldwide.

While we work with a few of these website solutions, we believe that for the smart business owner with a long term view that the top website solution is WordPress! What follows is why so many serious business marketers choose WordPress for their brand!

I. WordPress Is Portable, Never A Trap

WordPress is a completely portable website solution, meaning its’ owner can control and own the website. Strange as it may sound, this is unique.

What exactly does portable mean? It means that one can move its WordPress website from host to host, any time and without losing a thing. Not only do most website solutions trap users in their host environment, but it’s unlikely there is any support (general website design or host knowledge ) available outside that environment. And that, to us, is what you call a trap!

Ultimately a marketer wants to maintain the integrity of her websites’ past, current & future web footprint. She wants to do it without ever having to look back! She wants to own her website.

II. WordPress Is Constantly Advancing


Core Software: Search engines, browsers, mobile- responsive, hosting, and consumer expectation standards advance at a rapid pace. Serious marketers must strive to be in sync with all of the above. There is a minimum of 3 major WordPress upgrade releases per year where users see new and better features. Bug fixes or security patch releases come 4 to 5 times per year and not necessarily due to an emergency. Because the software is forever scrutinized & improved it remains on the leading edge. When it comes to advancement and meeting web standards, nothing rivals WordPress.

Options & Features: There is an enormous open source community of website design and website development professionals that base their livelihood on WordPress. These folks build innovative plugin applications for virtually any business challenge. They also build website themes to satisfy any design preference. And there’s vetting, for instance ‘ThemeForest‘. An environment where anyone can not only research applications & themes but look at how often updating occurs,  developer responsiveness, and reviews. This community is so evolved the options are virtually limitless. It means that anything a business needs already exists and can be plugged in without ever having to build from scratch. And with unlimited choice, it should come as no surprise that WordPress is the most universally trusted website solution software in the world. 

III. WordPress Is Incredibly Search Engine Friendly


While most website solutions offer none, the SEO capabilities built into WordPress are without rival. Google’s own Matt Cutts acknowledged that WordPress carries about 80% of the tools needed to be search engine friendly and competitive. There are also easy to use, highly effective SEO plugins that take all of the stress out of creating good on-page SEO. Let’s not be naive, being visible depends on the level of competition, but what is on-page can be half the competitive SEO battle

IV. WordPress Is Affordable

WordPress can be free; however, to use the customize- friendly WordPress.org one will need to purchase their domain name (= URL) and hosting service. If there is a need for customization that is likely going to require experienced help. Looking for something simple with all the basics, the WordPress.com option provides free basic hosting and a free sub-domain of WordPress.com (i.e. BUSINESS.wordpress.com) URL. With free WordPress.com there is also a retained right to run 3rd party advertising on the pages.

Serious businesses choose WordPress.org as their website design and website development projects because of all the above, available and at a very reasonable cost.

Some More On WordPress

These are just a handful of the seemingly countless benefits that highlight why WordPress is the best website solution for marketers. Kinetic Knowledge is a local Monmouth County NJ resource that can support you with website design, specialized WordPress host & management and any of your unique digital marketing needs. Check out our website design portfolio and our website development packages to learn more!


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website design monmouth county njWhy Is Your Website Design | Development A Marketing Priority?

Granted there are several powerful marketing channels (i.e. search engines, social networks, directories, email marketing platforms, etc.) online, but those should be seen as opportunities to drive consumers inbound to a website where qualified potential buyers can get familiar with your unique brand. For those more discerning visitors, it must offer the opportunity to engage with each specific product and/or service, and for everyone else, there must be an obvious means to get in touch quickly.

In spite of all those sexy new marketing ideas clamoring for our attention, the website must always be an immediate & long term marketing priority. 

What Should A Website Be?


It is a website’s content that remains ground zero for how we get recognized by and then consumed into the search engine indexes. A website is also our brand presentation to visitors; it differentiates our businesses from the competition, it should engage and call visitors to act!

Many businesses dedicate resources to advertising initiatives, but for those to truly work the brand, its content, and its presentation are always going to matter. A business owner should build a website as if every visitor will review it top to bottom. And while most businesses will fail to do it, there is no excuse for offering anything but the best presentation possible. 

  • It must clearly demonstrate a purpose, whether that it is to sell products or services, share news information or simply deliver quality information about the brand; 
  • It must be mobile responsive, for easy viewing from any device;
  • It should offer ease for navigation;
  • It should offer a comprehensive set of pages full of specific, current & authoritative information:
  • It should be aesthetically unique;
  • It should have the modern security necessary to protect both itself & all visitors AND
  • It should offer obvious ‘calls to action’!


What Website Solution Your Business Chooses Matters

The goal is to grow, but the web isn’t going to stop and wait around for a business to evolve its technology. Most website solutions are limited; they prioritize the provider’s goals and offer little chance for long term survival. It’s why we advocate WordPress where there are no limits and where the technology always advances with a long term view. A business can not only control its website & host it anywhere it pleases, but know that the website will advance with the web, with browsers, and with search engines. It also offers plugin applications
for any challenge imaginable and it can be redesigned without ever having to start all over again. Don’t be fooled by sales tactics that, in fact, limit your business. Anything but a long term view can be a costly mistake. 


Forever Grow A Larger More Visible Web Presence!


And because the goal must forever be more visibility to those qualified people looking for what your business offers, the website should support a far-reaching digital footprint. It should offer the potential for broad search-indexing and back-links from other sites; it should promote social likes, shares, and reviews from all over the web.

All of these references prepare a web presence that is forevermore ready- to send someone somewhere at any time back (inbound) to a website!


At Kinetic Knowledge, we are a local SEO expert and have helped hundreds of local businesses around NJ increase traffic, visibility, and leads through both our packages for custom website design and our Fundamental SEO services

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