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Website Is Marketing Ground Zero!

Granted there are several powerful advertising channels (i.e. search engines, social networks, directories, email marketing platforms, etc.) online, but those should be seen as opportunities to drive consumers inbound to a website where qualified potential buyers can get familiar enough to be captured as leads.

Why A Website Is Marketing & Advertising Priority No. 1!?

It is website content that remains ground zero for where we get impact with prospective buyers. A website is our brand representative online; it must enhance brand image visually as well as with a depth of information for product or service differentiation. It must call a visitor to action!

Many businesses dedicate resources to advertising initiatives that drive traffic to a website, yet they were unwilling to invest where visitors actually interact. Business people should focus on their website first, as if every visitor will want to read it top to bottom as a means for choosing whether or not to buy; then build a marketing strategy to drive qualified visitors to it where they will act!

Assuming the business owns its’ website  (and many do not), it’s where the business should control the presentation with a comprehensive set of pages full of current & authoritative information:

  • It must be mobile responsive, an easily reviewed presentation from any device;
  • It should be aesthetically pleasing, but never allow its art to confuse any visitor;
  • Its pages should support an optimal user experience, an ease for navigation with quick- loads and immediate social network connectivity;
  • It should have a blog to generate the most current knowledge, news & event information AND
  • It should have the modern security needed to protect both it & its’ visitors from common malware hacks.

What Website Solution You Use Matters

Many website solutions will limit options, advancement and a potential for long term scale, but the goal is to grow and the Internet isn’t going to stop and wait around for a business to evolve. Use  WordPress and not only own the site, but know it will advance at the speed of the Internet; its individual elements can be edited, applications plugged in for just about anything OR the entire website can be redesigned without undermining any accumulated links, likes or shares. And WordPress allows a business owner to edit, add or delete content at will, necessary as the business evolves.

Forever Grow A Digital Footprint!

And because a goal must be more and more visibility online, the website should be capable of forever growing a gigantic far reaching digital footprint of direct subscribers, back- links, likes, shares, plus ones, reviews and bookmarks … from all over the web. All ready to send someone somewhere and at any time inbound to that website’s great pages!