Does Social Media Support SEO?
Does Social Media Support SEO

Businesses often ask, “Does social media support SEO?” And while it is so important to remind folks that there is no one ‘silver bullet,’ the answer is yes that social media will improve a company’s competitive search results.

So back in 2014, Google’s Matt Cutts (i.e. in-house SEO authority at the time) shared that social activity and the potential influence signals that an SEO algorithm might notice, like the no. of ‘Facebook likes’ or ‘Twitter followers’, DID NOT affect search results or rankings.

Up until then, marketers had been under the assumption that these social media signals surely represented signals related to trustworthiness & quality. The assumption was that these were readily available signals that would be counted by Google’s search algorithm when ranking a website’s pages. And while Cutts said it was not the case, many in authority on Google search results continued to argue that, while social media might NOT be a directly counted signal, it must still influence competitive rank in some way.

So, for the SEO-focused marketer, what is the value in a social media account when it comes to a searching consumer? Let’s have a look at how social media signals matter.

4 Ways That Social Media Can Support SEO

1. Social Network Post’ Outbound Links

In contrast to the statement Cutts made in 2014, he also said that Google does crawl social media accounts to the degree it is allowed (i.e. FB doesn’t allow a Google bot to crawl into posting activity). He said that if a business is on Facebook or Twitter, for instance, Google might return it as a part of a search result. And so one might conclude that while the authority of a social media account may not directly impact a website page’s search rank, the links coming from a social network or a ‘social media post’ to a brand’s website pages … just might. In other words, why wouldn’t links from trusted social media websites to a website page be counted as trusted back-links to that page? And so, would it not be logical to assume those links are signals that influence a website page’s rank?

2. Social Network Account Profiles in Search Engine Results

Social network pages (i.e. Facebook Business page) can show up in a search result for that brand. In fact, social network pages are often up towards the top of a brand-driven search and the related results. If social network pages matter to Google enough to include them in results when people search for a brand, well, it matters to have those pages set up with the most current useful information. After all, a company’s competitive SEO can include an entire web presence of website pages, citations*, listings, and social media account pages!

3. Social Networks Offer Search

While most people go to Google, maybe some to Bing and DuckDuckGo, when they want to search for something particular – social networks also offer in-network SEARCH. Their results are strictly content found in that social network, rarely the depth that a web page or pages might offer, but you have to assume that people search, for instance, on Facebook. And so if a person who frequents Facebook decides to search on Facebook … well then it pays to be set up with current useful content, including posts that link back to website pages. So far as this point goes, search engine optimization can and maybe should include current active social network accounts. And by the way, YouTube is not only a place to post/host video content, but it is a search engine too!

4. Search Algorithms Change

What Matt Cutts said in 2014 doesn’t necessarily reflect any ‘algorithmic changes’ made more recently. Social media seems to get bigger all the time, so how a search engineer factors social network pages, any following, and any content into their algorithm may have changed in time. And Cutts represented Google, but his comments don’t reflect on how Bing’s algorithm (nor DuckDuckGo’s, for that matter) ranks content.

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Will Social Media Support SEO More In The Future?

Search Engines cannot sit still! The effort to answer search queries well is an ever-evolving process that must adjust to the way people use the Internet. If not, Google may find itself losing ground to upstarts like MSFT Bing, Facebook, and maybe even DuckDuckGo. People use the web to share ideas and to reach friends … and new target audiences of like-minded people. It is, in effect, “social”!

At a minimum, we should maintain our social media accounts with accurate, timely information. Maybe use posts to share current information and also link out to our website pages where there is a depth of related information. We speak with a lot of business owners who do not have a social media presence, including regular posting activity. And none of the above refers to social media advertising, so much as it does having an accurate, consistent (website, social media accounts, citations) web presence.

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Using Website Content In Social Media Can Generate Leadsusing good content in social media

Content is ground zero for everything you want your business to achieve online. People search, read, socialize, share, bookmark, and they ‘like’ social media posts all day long AND SO we must try to be there to demonstrate authority when they do! Using good content, for instance from a website page or blog post or a review, in social media will support that visibility and the generation of leads! 

And while businesses usually have good content on their website pages or review sources, so many (maybe you ??) neglect to use it in their social media channels as a part of their marketing. If so, it under-utilizes a powerful tool that can take brand visibility & new business opportunities to a higher level.

Simply writing up new content on a website is NOT enough. Not if being more visible than the competition is a priority. The masses frequent social media so use the OPPORTUNITY! Grab visibility with the consumers you’d want to contact your company. Ask yourself: what good is my content if we are not taking steps to help more prospects find it?

Leverage Social Media Channels For Free Marketing

Social media is available for free posting, and hopefully the likes, and sharing that can come as a result. Likes and sharing can happen without having to purchase advertising. It is estimated that over 4.75 billion pieces of content get shared via Facebook on a daily basis. Content fuels all social media and social media can spread quality content fast … sometimes in a viral manner! Entertaining content does not hurt, BUT the key components should be timely, informative, useful, and high quality!

How To Find & Choose The Right Content To Sharewebsite for social media post content

Figuring out what content to share can be time-consuming. Each social account works differently and they also change, but there is an endless amount of educational support:

  • Research what questions people are asking about your industry and identify those that have NOT been answered well, or even at all. Answer them!
  • Reach out and ask people what they are looking for. A clever and invaluable way to leverage social networks as a source for content ideas is to simply “ask”. It’s interactive, honest and some folks enjoy being involved in the process.
  • Look at what competitors are doing? It may lead to what works and what gaps are left open that you can fill.
  • Let customers help. If a customer has used your service in a project or offered a good review of your business, share it as good content!

Getting Your Content To The Right People On Social Media

If you have content, use social networks to get it out. Use FB, Instagram, Twitter, and even Google for a network of potential customers. Learning the tricks of targeting, for instance with hashtags, lets you reach the people that are more likely to be interested in your content and ultimately your business. It may sound like a needle in a haystack to find them, but a catchy post with the right keywords, hashtags, and why not. Once they learn you share quality, informative content, they will certainly become followers and/or hot leads.

Be A Trusted Social Media Source Of Good Information

As you gain popularity on social media and possibly experience the domino effect social sharing can have, people will begin to view you as a trusted source of good information. Every Facebook & Instagram share exposes your content, your brand, business, and even your website to a network of new potential leads. In today’s business world, quality content creation, and then distribution online can expose the business to an endless no. of new leads while simultaneously building a good standing reputation and brand!