Social Media Influence On SEO 

Social Media And SEO Online marketing continues to grow as a business priority. Being that people are passionate for Social Media, it only stands to reason it would begin to influence SEO. After all, both rely heavily on people’s recognition of quality content for their success.

Signals like back- links from other websites have been gamed (= cheated) so aggressively that search engines have diminished their role in competitive rank for keywords & phrases, limiting that signal to trusted (undisclosed) sources only.

Instead, for instance, they have turned to signals where an interest or even passion can be recognized.  While fundamental SEO practices may be all that’s necessary for some types of business, where there is stiff competition (i.e. law & real estate) Social Media is likely going to matter.


Social Profiles | Social Share

At least for brand- specific searches, Social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) may show high in search engine results; however, they don’t necessarily serve as competitive signals for broad sets of target keywords. The engines are looking for follow nos. and a presence that matters. So an active presence, where quality content is shared, may prove advantageous to the brand’s core competitive purpose.

Google is also looking at social signals because they are generated by verified users with genuine follow- connections. If you take a moment to think of the fact that social media can support SEO … it can be very exciting! So if not already, take a few minutes to make sure social profiles are completely filled out with accurate consistent information and make it a habit to post quality content into each network.

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Using Content With Social Media To Gain Business Leads

Using Content Marketing and Social Media To Gain Business Leads.

When it comes down to it, content is the basis for everything you want your business to achieve online. People search, socialize, share, like and they bookmark things all day long AND you must be there demonstrating your authority when they do!

And while some have good content on their website, many ( maybe you ?? ) neglect to incorporate it into their social media channels as a crucial part of their marketing mix. If so, that is under-utilizing a powerful tool that can take website traffic and new business to a whole new level.

Simply writing up new content on a website is NOT enough. Not to be more visible than the competition! Folks, the masses frequent social media SO USE IT to initiate visibility among those consumers you’d want to drive back to your fully detailed content. Ask yourself: what good is excellent content if no one is ever present to read it?

Leverage Social Media As A Marketing And Advertising Channel

Social media is essentially available for content sharing. It is estimated that over 4.75 billion pieces of content get shared via social media on a daily basis. Content fuels social media and social media spreads ( sometimes in a viral manner ) quality content fast!

Entertaining content doesn’t hurt either, BUT the key components should be timely, informative, useful and high quality!

How To Find & Choose The Right Content To Share

Figuring out what content to share can be a bit time consuming and overwhelming. Each social network works differently and they change, but there is an endless amount of resources to learn from, and to pull content ideas from too.

  • Research what questions people are asking about your industry and identify those that have NOT been answered well, or even at all. Answer them!
  • Ask your customers what they need. Using social media ( even ), reach out and ask people what they are looking for. A clever and invaluable way to leverage social networks as a source for content ideas. It’s interactive, honest and folks often enjoy being involved in the process.
  • Look at the competitors. What are they doing? You can even use social media to spy a bit! By following what they are doing you will see what works and also what gaps are left that you can fill.
  • Let your customers do some of the work. If a customer has quoted you, used your products in a project or has simply offered a good review of your business, share it as good content!

Getting Your Content To The Right People On Social Media

Once you have found your content it’s time to use social networks to get the word out. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus offer a network of literally billions of potential customers with millions being regular active users. Learning the tricks of targeting, for instance with hashtags, lets you reach the people that are likely to be interested in your content and ultimately your business. It may sound like a needle in a haystack to find them, but use the right keywords, hashtags and they will be coming. Once they learn you share quality, informative content, they will certainly become regular followers of your business and therefore red hot leads.

Build A Good Social Media Reputation

As you gain popularity on social media and start to experience the domino effect social sharing has on your content, people will begin to view you as a trusted source of good information. Every Facebook share and Twitter retweet exposes your content, your business and your website to a network of engaged users, otherwise known as business leads. What better a way to drive traffic to your website and capture leads then by becoming a trusted resource of information and engaging content on social media.

In today’s business world, there is no better way to market your website or business than by utilizing a balanced method of quality content creation, and social media. They work in synergy with each other, exposing your business to an endless amount of leads while simultaneously building your brand a good standing reputation. There truly has never been anything else like it in the marketing world.

Using Instagram As A Marketing Tool Yet?

Using Instagram As A Marketing ToolIf your business is not on Instagram yet, it may be time. Last year Instagram was the fastest growing social media network and it shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, 50% of adults ages 18-29 say they use Instagram. And because of this Instagram has become a valuable marketing tool. Let’s get started with some basics. Here are top get- started tips for using Instagram as a new marketing tool.

Post Eye Catching Photos

Instagram is a photo sharing app by nature. So, the most important thing you want to showcase on Instagram is of course nice, sharp, eye- catching photos. You are grabbing attention with pure aesthetic and, if you are creative, it works! The young people using it react and they share Instagram images like crazy.

Create a Brand Specific Hashtag

Creating a brand specific “official” hashtag will allow not only your customers, but you as well to find all of the posts in which your brand has been mentioned. When you start putting that hashtag in all of your posts, your followers and fans will follow suit. In addition to adding a brand specific hashtag, we must also emphasize that using relevant hashtags is incredibly important if you want to engage this audience. Hashtags are the fastest way to get found by people who are interested in what you have to offer and most likely to become customers. Instagram users actively search hashtags, hungry for particular kinds of content.

Follow Like Brands on Instagram.

Yes, this does include your competitors! When you follow like brands on Instagram it opens up several doors for you. First off, you can see what other brands are posting and what seems to be working and not working for them. This can help you cut down a bit on your trial and error. You also can see people who follow your competitors and like brands and follow them. When you follow these people, they will likely follow you back. They are a warm lead, because you already know they have interest in your brand! This works the other way around too!

Don’t Forget To Include Links

Including links in your posts to products in your store, or relevant blog posts, even an about page is always a good idea. When a follower sees a product they would like to buy on your Instagram, and they can click the link and be taken straight to your website OR shopping cart, they are much more likely to make the purchase then if they would have to open a new window and search your site for the item. Including links gives your customers a path of least resistance to the buy now button.

Cross Post Your Instagram Photos

Finally, you can and should at times cross post your Instagram photos. There are several ways you can include your Instagram feed on your website, blog and other social media outlets. Some are simpler than others, and all have their time and place. The easiest way to achieve this is by using the share to Facebook, Twitter etc. buttons you will find underneath your photo when finalizing your post. When using your Instagram photos on other networks, you can showcase the look and hashtags on which your brand is being built. It is a simple and effective way to synergistically cross promote your brand.

And don’t get overwhelmed! Start slow and execute these tips for using instagram as a marketing tool one by one as your confidence and comfort level with Instagram grows. Instagram is a huge social network and marketing opportunity. And it’s continuing to grow! You will see fast marketing results with Instagram. In fact these results often are instant!

Facebook Is Changing The Facebook News Feed Again

The Changing Facebook News Feed

It’s official, Facebook is once again changing their News Feed. In brief, Facebook has already limited the number of people a post reaches, mostly based upon an algorithm that decides who does and does not see a post. The NEW changes are aimed at creating a (supposedly) more socially friendly & individually targeted user experience, showcasing only the most relevant content to each individual user. The move is ultimately a push to reduce spam in the news feed.

Facebook is shifting its focus towards high quality content, understanding that quality posts often come from the same users. Before this change Facebook would hide multiple posts coming from a single user, fearing it would give off a feeling of spam. Now, the quality of the post is number one, no matter the source.

How Does This Affect Business Pages

Facebook pages are an extremely important marketing tool for business social media efforts. They are not only an avenue to get a message out, but they allow business brands and organizations to share their stories direct, to better connect with voluntary users and also attempt to increase fan-base & overall engagement.

The way this update will affect business pages will depend on the audience and the posting quality of the business page. It will all be based on reach, interaction and ‘the content’ itself. The higher the quality of the post, the more Facebook says it will show or distribute the post . So basically, an actively engaged audience via their interaction with past posts, including liking or sharing, will likely see the posts. If there is lower engagement on the page with past posts, there is going to be an even greater challenge to get posts in front of people. That is unless a business advertises them.

Great For Business Brands

Facebook wants brands people appreciate to get their content to the Facebook users that like them. Facebook will take this content, distribute and aim it at people with a history of interest for the information. Facebook is aiming to take the good content from a business and deliver it straight to their avid customers. This may lead to an explosion in reach and engagement for those with past engagement & the quality people react too.

According to Mark Zuckerberg a regular Facebook user may have around 1500 stories in their newsfeed each day. Of those stories, a user on average reads roughly 100 of those each day. This is due to their keeping the most relevant content alive longer. Regardless, keeping content alive on Facebook is going to require creating ever more quality content, including finding the most clever & creative means to keep those fans engaged.