Local SEO Beats Big Brands |  Local Search Optimization

Local SEO Beats Big Brands | Local Search Optimization Most small businesses online want to be number one in search engine results. Of course, accomplishing the number one seat in search is never a bad thing, but when you peel away a few layers and truly think about what you want to accomplish online, number one in search should be less a goal than simply being the number one most chosen brand! And assuming that’s right, the question is obvious: how can a small business compete with deep pocketed large brands online and become the number one choice in their marketplace?

The answer is quality, local search engine optimization !

Don’t Think Too Broad, It Is A Matter Of Quality Over Quantity

Something we see repeatedly is ‘local brands’ thinking too broadly and not taking advantage of local SEO opportunities. Too many small brands will try and rank for terms they will never be able to compete for long term. It’s an unfortunate truth that big national brands have deep pockets and will always have the ability to outwork & outbid small brands for the most obvious or broad keywords. Surprising to some, search engines actually wish to rank locally relevant business results over the national brand when possible because in many circumstances it is the better result.

When a searcher is looking for services locally they, more often than not, are looking for the most local knowledge … and search engines understand this. And there are many tools and strategies that make it possible for the local business to succeed!

The Local SEO Fundamentals

  • Be sure all pages are keyword conscious and also locally geo- specific. Tend to title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, headers in a very locally- conscious way. It’s going to be a huge asset when it comes to capturing local traffic, leads and conversions.  Local-focused content brings a personal touch, growing a familiar trust with customers and staving off the ( big brand ) competition. And it is what Google is looking for too.
  • Have all your Google My Business tools up to date, verified AND optimized!
  • Ensure that all your local citations, search and directory listings are accurate for location, contact, website link and hours of operation. It is a signal search engines seek and most competitors miss.
  • Seeking out and carefully  managing customer reviews is a huge local SEO advantage!
  • From there, to truly dominate, a local content strategy comes into play. Simply being found in search is not enough to get the phone to ring, appointments made, or products and services sold.
  • Create great local coverage and then push that content out through social networks where there’s more and more potential exposure. Plus, Google looks carefully based upon several potential signals for a popular social voice! 
  • These are the fundamentals of competitive local SEO. It’s tedious time- consuming work, but done right and your business will outpace 99% of the competition unwilling to make the same commitment.

Become A Local Expert

Local-specific pages and content have tremendous value. This is the area of your marketing where a personal touch goes a long way. Involve your customers by demonstrating an interest in what your customers know, like knowledge of a town or county. You are already a local expert, use that to your advantage. Using your blog, website pages, and most definitely social media is the way to get involved in your community, and your community involved in your business. Creating and sharing unifying, educational and insider content is local marketing gold.  Get personal with your customers and find a way to connect with them. Local-centric businesses tend to outperform and outlive other businesses in the long term because they are vested in locally conscious relationships.

The main barrier to achieving Local SEO goals for a small business is time. Business owners are pulled in a thousand directions per day and simply don’t have the time to sit down and develop a local seo strategy let alone execute one.  Kinetick Knowledge can help you reach your Local SEO potential. Contact Us today to get your Local SEO strategy started!

Can SEO be Trusted to IT?

SEO (search engine optimization) is an often confused acronym. It sounds like something that can simply be handed off to a technical or IT (information tech) person; however, unless IT thinks about marketing all day long it is not going to be a best case scenario for the business.

By no means is this post meant to disparage the great IT people with so many necessary technical skills. Consider that an IT person is likely adept at setting up various office technologies (i.e. email printers computers and local area networks), but can any random person create the kind of content that appeals to both humans and search engines? Do they have the necessary experience to capture those particular humans a business must target online? Do they live and breathe digital marketing? 

SEO is Marketing!

There seems to be a perception SEO requires a lot of technical expertise and because of that IT folks can just do who does seo by kinetic knowledgethe work. And sure there are some technical parts to SEO work, but a serious business MUST vet’ what marketing expertise there is at hand … or the SEO is going to be a fruitless effort. And without, at least, fundamental SEO a business is likely going to be near to invisible online when people search. 

For instance there are technical (less and less all the time) aspects in building a website, but the lion’s share of the work in website development is experience with what are the latest themes, plugin applications and what is strategy planning & execution. It’s design; it’s content creation; it’s navigation for, and the optimization of, all website content. And it is an overall effort that will support the greater capture of leads.

Unless your IT is spending her days focused in marketing techniques in an ever- evolving web environment, it’s far from ideal to simply turn the SEO duties over to IT or anyone for that matter. While IT are pros adept in many technical areas – I’m sure they would be the first to admit the typical IT skill set has little to do with what’s needed for a business SEO marketing strategy.


Kinetic Knowledge SEO

Ask us about how SEO is a business advantage and also about services support for the serious marketer! 

Listings = CitationsKinetic Knowledge Google Listing

Citations are simply a reference on other websites for your business information, including Name, Address, Phone Number ( = NAP info ), hours of operation, website URL link and, if the directory owner allows, other service related information. Search and directory listing providers happen to be business listing websites that 1) people visit, that 2) search engines crawl & index and 3) that help to search optimize a web presence.

What Listings Can Do For Your Business

A business with LOTS of accurate information- rich citations has a much better chance of being ranked high in Google local search results. Wait, what was that? People search and find business websites on Google, SO WHY would a business owner with a website bother chasing other citations? Or better yet, how many folks are really ever going to search, for instance, for Home Butop local organic seo signals ilder or Inspector on Topix.com, yellowpages.com or Yahoo.com?

Well, Google is a search engine (albeit it is also a business listings directory = citations provider) that is looking to satisfy the searchers’ interests in the best way possible. It needs to find and then compare the most relevant information available on any subject, including locally. When there are lots of accurate references to a particular business, especially when consistent with the website’s info, well that’s where citations shine. Logically, a business with plenty of consistent NAP citations on the web will have a far better chance of being ranked higher in Google local search results because those references support an overall competitive and consistent local presence. And how a detailed website, a YouTube channel, a Facebook page or a search | directory listing helps the next prospect to find a business doesn’t really matter – does it? Rounding out a web presence with lots of relevant search and directory listing citations (= your business information on other websites) supports an overall web presence in many ways, none more important than helping to make your business that much more locally relevant!

And while Google isn’t disclosing which listing sites they trust or value the most, you can certainly do a quick business specific search and draw your own conclusions. Many of the ‘search and directory site listings’ for that business are going to be there!

What You Need To Know About Listings

top local map pack seo signalsBut who has the time to register, and manage a verify- process then go through a per directory learning curve for options in order to get a complete set of listings? Who has the time to update them, for instance, when a phone number changes? It’s even more challenging when you consider that no one knows which citations truly matter to Google, so where is time invested best spent?

It’s where a search & directory listings citation service shines! Its also a quick easy way to build some back- links safely, without running the risk of raising red- flags. And while Google doesn’t necessarily count all listing back- links, its algorithm certainly does count some!

Our Listing Citation Service Benefits

For some, the management support for listings/citations is welcomed support, so that a person can focus on your business. We can add a businesses information to most all of the large meaningful search & directory listings sites so that it will not only have the benefit of multiple quality business citations and a better competitive set of signals needed for higher Search Rankings, but potentially more leads and customers. Check out our search & directory listings service, which can add that all PLUS a great deal more for your marketing mix:  https://www.kineticknowledge.com/search-directory-listings-management-plan/


No less than once per week we get calls from folks dangerously uninformed about SEO. When people finally decide to invest in SEO services, it’s usually because they are panicking about the fact that their website traffic is dead. No visitors or leads, nothing is coming in.

You see just because you build it doesn’t necessarily mean that consumers will come. And while WordPress brings many of the necessary on- page SEO tools, it is the actual use of them that matters. How much competition there is will determine how many tools are necessary to become visible for target keywords. Websites and website pages have to be optimized both on and off site for search engines to rank you high. Ultimately we must have the attention of search engines first in order to then gain the attention of qualified (by their search) consumers.

monmouth county nj seo servicesWhen in panic mode we often want a resolution fast and, unfortunately, that’s NOT how SEO or search engines work. Granted visibility for some keywords is less competitive than others, but we’ve really got to schmooze Google; we’ve got to wine and dine Yahoo or Bing with the useful content and various other signals they use to compare. The search engines don’t put out results on the first date; you’ve got to earn their attention!


There are many facets of SEO: you cannot do one thing and expect to show up on Google Page 1. That’s not how it works, worse it never stops moving (see: What is the Google Crawl). You have to combine the best practices and techniques including website meta data, keyword- optimized content, internal page linking, quality inbound links, quality outbound links, social voice signals, accurate citations and, depending on how competitive it is for keywords in a particular business discipline, quite possibly more. Work that is done over a period of time, NEVER over night. Search engines are way ahead of you!; they are looking for natural compliance with a set of quality guidelines. And that is not paying someone to give you 1,000 back links, which is going to be seen as spamming or gaming … the search engines know.

You may be saying to yourself, “Why invest time or money into SEO if it’s going to take so long to start producing results??” Think about it THIS WAY: you may not be implementing an SEO strategy, but your competitor certainly will. So when that consumer goes to Google and searches for a product or business like yours, you won’t be there but your competitor will.

If you want immediate visibility for a sale or special you are having- get the word out by advertising it. If you want to have the type of web digital footprint that will allow consumers to find their way back to your website on their own terms & timeline, start investing in SEO now. It’s a process and it is ongoing, but without this you essentially don’t exist online.

Whether you are a brick and mortar business or 100% web-based your web presence needs to be available for people considering your product, service or brand; 80% of consumers research businesses online first, so those of us who fail to plan an SEO strategy essentially…  plan to fail. Learn more about local SEO services.

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