Get Over How Much: Get Into Attracting High Quality Traffic!



Not Enough Traffic!?

Recently a client complained that, while they were getting sales, they had only reached an average of 23 new website visitors per day. That’s not page views, but new & possibly ‘ready to buy’ visitors. So we looked at how long this particular business had been online [6 months = not long]. Then we looked at how much effort they were putting into their blogging [7- 8 posts per month = good]. We looked at their blog writing techniques [= good] and at the competitive nature of the target market [= highly competitive farm area.] We also looked at what was attracting visitors [=combination of highly specific searches and Twitter]. Twitter was strictly being auto- populated by the site’s blog feed, so folks were finding them & coming over for a depth of information that 140 characters just can’t support. We identified some improvements that could be made, but ultimately that they had to get over ‘how much’ and start thinking about the traffic metric more strategically. Traffic growth takes time and effort. Traffic volume may offer some conversion, but this is the web AND most visitors come because they’re already looking for something you’ve written up. They have intent, you have offered answers. The media and so many online marketing coaches often confuse business people with talk of quantity, rather than quality traffic. And I repeat, there were sales!

  Online, what makes most people visit and then buy? These days most transactions relate to a buyer who identifies your content somewhere, likes it enough to visit and then decides to trust & contact you.

Looking At Traffic Metrics Strategically

  Are you looking at your traffic strategically enough to understand what’s happening and how to leverage that information for improvement. Information that can easily drive more lead capture and sales. An average of 23 new visitors a day from highly qualified searchers & subscribers may actually be great depending upon market potential, competitive activity and also realistic sales goals.

  690 ‘qualified’ unique new visitors per month versus traditional advertising methods, which are often wasted on uninterested individuals. And why? Empowered visitors mostly visit via a 1) specific search, 2) an interesting back link from another site, a 3) bookmark they’ve kept, a 4) direct RSS or email subscription or a 5) a social network account they visit that links back to you. All things, by the way, your site can generate … so long as you’re blogging well.

Traffic Data Points We Watch Month Over Month:

  • Bounce rate – what percentage looked at one page and left
  • Total unique new visitors – the key metric/ do we have new user growth
  • Avg unique new visitors per day – mostly to see if we are sustaining or have growth
  • Return visitors – do our visitors come back/ are subscriptions working
  • Total page views – are we improving engagement with our brand
  • Avg page views per day – mostly to see if we are sustaining or have growth
  • Avg page views per visitor – to think about architecture & content presentation
  • Referral websites – who brings traffic to us [Twitter, Facebook or other sites]?
  • Most popular pages – can we expand on those popular subjects?
  • Searches that bring us traffic – can we target similar phrases?
  • Conversions via contact forms or direct subscriptions

Web Visisbility | Kinetic Knowledge

  Folks, get over how much and start thinking about the traffic metric much more strategically! And remember the pipeline for qualified leads and sales is useful content!

Good consistent blogging is a primary business asset because it will help you accumulate keyword indexing, back links, RSS subscriptions, email subscriptions, bookmarks, feed connections and social network visibility = quality!

Are You Blogging To Appeal To Your Target Market?

  If you’re a regular reader here, you’ll know we’re practical in the way we write and serve. We’re concerned with the success of our clients: we don’t recommend quick fix or short term strategies, rather we do our best to share useful experiences and ideas.
  Some folks took issue in her comments area, but Debbie Dragon’s post on Daily Blog Tips today was right up our alley – it’s terrific blogging know how!
  We small to medium sized businesses want to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible and while consumers all appreciate good information … most are sound bite oriented.
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