Getting Positive Online Reviews For Your Business

For today’s digital marketer, online business reviews are unavoidable. In fact, they have become an essential part of branding and marketing. Reputation can build trust in a way that sets a business apart from its competition. For this reason asking customers & clients for their good reviews must become a marketing priority!

Consumers are looking for every product & service imaginable online and when they do they also look for feedback. The immediate benefit is to make future customers feel confident AND (IMPORTANT) the more positive reviews the less any negative review will influence any consumer confidence.

80% of consumers say they research a business online before they commit to purchase. 90% say they are influenced by online reviews when making purchasing decisions. With this information, it is very clear that you need good online reviews. Marketers cannot afford NOT to participate! It’s time to embrace online reviews and to make a plan for how you are going to get them.

Google Listing Reviews May Be The Most Important!

Although there are several online review sites, Google is the leading resource for VISIBLE consumer reviews all tied directly to a local business listing account. Many believe that positive business reviews left on a Google based listing are not only the most influential for what search results get clicked, but also for actual buying decisions. Reviews can also help increase visibility online via any unique keywords used by the reviewer (that search engines index) AND also from when they share their reviews into social networks. This makes a positive Google listing review as potentially valuable as any signal!!

All that consumers need, in order to leave a review, is their own Gmail account. Think about this: more than 1.5 million Android mobile devices are activated a day (source: Larry Page, CEO, Google) and each come loaded with a Google/Gmail account. And while a business listing likely exists, a business must consider claiming it and carefully crafting the most detailed page possible. That detail should include a clearly laid path to the business website where a brand is best presented & detailed.

The tsunami of influential consumer driven reviews is growing. It’s time to get serious about tapping into the digital marketing power of happy customers. It’s time to identify and to ask customers to post a good review today! And when possible, try and know about all reviews when they happen, for instance via review alerts so that you can genuinely thank those that share them.

Honesty Is The Best Policy = Get Honest Reviews Or Else

While we all want as many good reviews as possible, NOTE that they all must be 100% authentic reviews from real customers. A genuine review will come from a customer who has truly experienced your business or product and has had a good experience. You should never fake, pay or incentivize anyone to leave reviews. Not only do consumers sense dishonest reviews, but any exposure for such behavior would destroy consumer confidence. PLUS, posting fake business reviews is now considered to be false advertising and can be punishable by law!

What AbHow to get Business Reviews | Kinetic Knowledge Monmouth County NJout Negative Business Reviews?

No matter how wonderful the business truly is, it’s probably healthy to assume that, for one reason or another, any business may get a negative review. And it shouldn’t make a business hesitant to pursue them. On the contrary, it is yet another reason to have a proactive plan for building the odds of this game in company’s favor. The more positive reviews the less that pesky negative review will hurt consumer confidence. With enough positive reviews, people will likely identify what is not an objective review and disregard it. When a negative review does appear, be proactive in contacting and communicating with the reviewer right away. Ask them how you could have done better and what you could do in the future to make it up to them. Invite them to come back and have a better experience. No review is written in stone. If they do come back, they can easily edit that negative review and turn it into a positive.

There are tons of variables when it comes to getting positive online reviews for your business, but there is no arguing with the conclusion. Love or hate them, reviews are a necessity! So ask for them! Make it easy for folks, maybe by directing them to an easily accessible website tab or graphic linked to a Google listing or Yelp page, and maximize those positive reviews!

Improve Your Marketing Via Reputation Management In 2017

The term reputation management refers to a business effort to try and control what a potential customer will see when researching you. And understand this: it cannot be controlled! Those days have passed because there are literally Getting Reviews How To Improve Online Reputation | Kinetic Knowledge Monmouth County NJhundreds of search & directory listings for your business with review entry, offering anyone an ability to review. However and in this day and age, we should not fear it; better yet, we should see it as reputation development opportunity! In order to thrive in an environment no business can control, it is essential to become proactive in the development of reviews that ultimately define a reputation.

How does a business improve its’ online reputation? The practice ultimately consists of a well executed plan to pursue reviews; to pursue each & every HAPPY customer who might otherwise NOT think to give a review. Believe it or not, 99% of those potential positive reviews don’t happen BECAUSE the person is not in the habit AND no one ever thought to ask. Fast forward to a ‘ Reputation Development Plan ‘ in place: management has bought- in, they execute a disciplined approach to following- up with HAPPY customers for their review … and the odds of a GREAT reputation are dramatically increased. 

Getting Reviews = Quality Over Quantity = SEO

At first, it seemed like the more reviews you had the better as far as Google SERPS were concerned. And while more good reviews matter, Google’s goal when ranking a business in local search is to model the real world. In other words, the businesses that people talk about; the business they hold in high regard and patronize locally are the ones that Google wants to feature high in its’ results. And sure positive social media chatter matters, in fact it counts, but for purposes of this post we’re talking about reputation stemming from reviews. 

There is no longer any question: every business needs to pursue online reviews; however, the business should not only seek good, but broad acknowledgement of  the specific products, services, personal care and/or even the environment that make it unique! The current online environment makes it nearly impossible for a business with poor products and/or services to hide for very long. While getting as many reviews as possible helps with search rankings, the competition is catching on. Quality is taking a front seat when it comes to both search rankings and also how people decide to patronize a business.

In other words, it’s no longer enough to be high on a search results page one. A business will also need to have high quality consumer chatter. And beware – the reviews must be genuine, both people and Google’s algorithms have their ways for identifying when a review is disingenuous.

People Are Changing The Way They Search For Your Business Service = SEO!

As people begin to change their search habits and seek out the best comments about a business, as opposed to simply the nearest business to fit their needs, the more quality reviews must be prioritized as a marketing practice. If a competitive business in the next town over has several 4- 5 star reviews, they are much more likely to see consumers not only choose, but even drive the extra miles! And many review sites, Google obviously leading for the sheer weight of their traffic, are beginning to prioritize the quality of reviews more and more. Businesses must begin to not only think about getting those good reviews, but to ask consumers to mention why they were happy or what they liked most. The quality will speak for itself to a degree that even if the unwarranted negative review arrives, consumers will be able to make an objective decision. Consumers understand that some reviewers may be unfair. 

Steps For Improving Reputation Online – For Getting Reviews 

  • Make it easy for the reviewers pursued to give that review!
  • Welcome honest feedback, preferably about the particulars!
  • When soliciting reviews, don’t do it blindly > qualify the source!
  • Summarized, make a disciplined plan for Reputation Development!
  • Opinion: Google obviously leads for the sheer weight of their traffic, so logic would have gathering reviews on a Google listing is good practice!

Thinking about video? Maybe for use in an advertising campaign, on a business website and/ or a YouTube channel? If so, you should be!

Video can be the difference- maker for how to present your brand of business to the average buyer. It’s not only something people may enjoy, but it’s certainly easier for them to consume. Here’s a little information for getting started with short video content and ads’.

4 Basic Video Advertising Production Methods For Business


  • Interview
    • Recording a conversation with a human being, possibly question and answer
  • Screencast
    • Recording computer screen maybe to educate on how- to do a task, including talk- narration
  • Animation
    • Producing a whiteboard- drawing or graphic images- based presentation, often used to present high level topics like “here’s what we do and how” 
  • Storytelling
    • Various methods used to help visualize a storyline that ends in the advertisers’ answer to the topic

What To Consider For Basic Business Video Advertising Production


  1. Why?; what is the planned outcome of the video?
  2. Script and or storyboard it; you must plan the video
  3. Shot list; checklist of what types of audio need to be recorded
  4. Talent release; getting prior permission from talent outside the advertisers’ organization for use of their likeness without issue or limitation
  5. Location; scout it for any sound or lighting issues
  6. Gear; what’s necessary? check the tripod, sound apparatus, existing and backup battery, etc.
  7. Video editing; trimming to a fixed to a timeline; plan for transition effects, captions, credits & logos
  8. Audio; working on sounds, voice authoring or music


Digital Marketing Services | Kinetic Knowledge Monmouth County NJ

Outsourcing Digital Marketing | Kinetic Knowledge Monmouth County NJThese days nearly every single business relies, at least in part, on the Internet to both garner and measure their success. With that being the case, it is essential to develop an internet marketing strategy in order to outrank the competition!

So how exactly does a busy business handle its’ marketing? What gets any consumer to the website? Is there a plan in place? Is there dedicated staff to carry out a plan? If not, it’s likely more cost- effective to hire a professional internet marketing company.

What Are The Advantages Of An In House Marketing Team

There are times when in house marketing can be advantageous. You may not have the time to research a company to outsource to, the resources available and in this case your own in house team may be the answer.

  • You Are The Boss
    • When your marketing team is in house, you have full control and full access all of the time. You can be as involved as you would like to be in your digital marketing process and be there to see progress in real time. 
  • You May Save Money
    • If you do have an employee with the rare skills needed and the time available then you may be able to save money keeping your digital marketing team, in house. There are still going to be added costs for tools, areas where your employee may not have expertise will require time for learning, but when in house there is a unique vested interest that can actually reduce overall cost. 

When Does In House Marketing Become Disadvantageous

In house marketing has its advantages, but it can be time and/ or cost- prohibitive for some businesses and there are other risks or potential problems. Here are some of those in house marketing disadvantages.

  • You Are Not A Marketing Expert
    • You know the ins and outs of your business better than anyone. However, you likely lack expertise for what it takes to successfully market your business online. With experienced pros in Internet marketing , any learning curve is passed along. These are folks that excel with the tools & strategies needed to succeed in each aspect of digital marketing. They are there, doing the work each and every day.
  • You Don’t Have Time To Be A Marketer
    • With a business to run, you simply do not have the time. Internet marketing is incredibly time consuming. To effectively research & write compelling blog posts, strategic social media posts, copy for new website pages, that leverages all the correct keywords, headers, tags, etc. requires time. And its’ not a job a business should simply dump on an employees’ plate. Not if it’s going to matter. It will certainly distract them from the work they were already responsible for. All mistakes that will lessen any quality for a day to day deliverable.
  • You Need The Right Tools
    • It’s unlikely the correct tools needed are present, those needed to effectively market a business online. These are tools that help with keyword research, social media, SEO and everything a marketer needs to reach a target audience. Not to mention knowledge of what are the right tools! Tools already being used by marketing firms, all covered in their cost of hire.
  • In House Is Expensive
    • Most business owners assume that in house is less expensive. However, NOT outsourcing these tasks can actually be a financial cost for your company. It is estimated that in the next 5 years 15% of a business’s budget per year, will be going towards digital marketing. It may seem like a lot and lead you to believe you don’t have the room in your budget for that. But, consider the alternative. Hiring an employee to take over internet marketing in house can cost in ways you may have not even considered. The hiring process alone can be very costly and time consuming. Then of course there is training, health insurance, and payroll hassles to name a few. You also have to plan for vacations, sick days, the list goes on. Outsourcing digital marketing allows you to focus on the needs of your clients and complete the tasks needed to get done to protect your bottom line.

The Best Of Both Worlds: Why Collaboration Via Hire Can Work

  • Your third option is of course to do both in house and outsource your marketing team. If you have in house talent, use it! But, in those areas they lack expertise, find a marketing firm that can offer you help in those areas. This way, you will have the right people in the right positions. The key to this method, and the biggest challenge is communication. A few things that can be done to ensure smooth communication are:
    • Schedule regular meetings for each team to update each other on milestones and discuss upcoming campaigns.
    • Assign final creative approval to only one of these teams to ensure that your process is streamlined and your brand is properly and consistently represented.

Whichever method you choose, in house or outsourcing digital marketing, take the time to periodically reevaluate your strategies and be flexible. ANd remember that success in marketing is often a moving target.