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Ever Wonder What Your Business URL or Domain Should Have Been?


local seo njURLs & Domains are necessary, a business has to have one. They are also marketing tools; however, they will never correlate to competitive search engine visibility unless supported by other highly important factors. Generally speaking, a business URL or domain name can be the exact name of the business; it may only be related to the name of that business, related to its service or it can be both name + service and mostly it will serve as where the business is located on the web. For local service-based businesses, there are generally 3 types of domain names:

  1. Branded Domain
  2. Keyword Domain
  3. Hybrid Domain

See more on this below.

Domains Matter Little When It Comes to Competitive SEO

Regardless of the business URL or Domain your business chooses, it is always important to understand that you cannot game Google’s system with your choice. Google only prioritizes the best answers to a search or a question. A domain, no matter how close to the subject, does not equate to a “best answer”.

Unless there is no competition for the answer to a search and that is 99.99% completely unlikely in a world gone online, a website or a website page’s status as the best answer will have to be earned. And that is going to be based on up to 200 competitive signals, starting with the content of the page itself.

Given the choice of an unrelated domain name page with great content, great use/presentation of its keywords, trusted backlinks, supportive outbound links, lots of user activity (competitive measurable examples) and a keyword-based domain without, the latter stands no chance. Ask us about local NJ SEO and getting your business set up to compete successfully online!

1. What Is A Branded Domain Name?

A branded domain is the use of a brand or business name itself. Like, for example, Kinetic Knowledge is both our companies name and our business URL.

Our name reflects a theory we had when we got started about 17 years ago. That was related to our belief that success online starts with and is directly related to knowledge-based content. If that knowledge could be published then moved out through different channels like search engines, social networks and email than it would be ‘Kinetic’. Kinetic meaning … of, related to or produced by motion supported by the web. If so a business could, in theory, build visibility with and hopefully attract traffic to where it would be used to convert leads.

And so ours is an example of a “Branded” domain name. Please note that or, for example, are also branded domains. In these cases, we are only referring to the root domain and not the “TLD”. The ‘root’ domain is the part before the dot. What comes after the dot is the “TLD”, or Top Level Domain, like “.com”, “.net” or “.org”.

2. What Is A Keyword Domain Name?

Many local businesses will serve one geographic area for a particular service. For example, consider a theoretical local contractor in Belmar NJ named ‘Jones Construction’. It might be common for this business to try and purchase a domain like “” and this would be a keyword-based domain. An “Exact Match Domain” (EMD) would match a targeted keyword exactly, like maybe “”, if that was was even available.

The domain “” might be the best idea in terms of a Keyword Domain used for identification amongst local prospects.

3. What Is A Hybrid Domain Name?

A hybrid domain name, obviously, is a mix of the two. A brand and a keyword in the domain like, for instance, maybe “”