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The Top Business Directories Locally Are No Longer The Yellow Pages

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The days of people finding a business locally in the print (or web-based) Yellow Pages are pretty much gone. Nowadays a consumer’s locally specific search will turn up a number of modern directories, website pages from the businesses that have sites full of good specific content and maybe a yellow page listing here and there.

Why Should A Business Bother With A Directory?


Getting your business’ Name, Address, Phone (NAP) number, plus improved opportunities for additional detail, listed on the business directory and citation websites can not only improve visibility but local SEO! Not only does a website backlink from trusted directory listing matter, but the NAP (including hours of operation) information is routinely cross-referenced for consistency by search engine algorithms.

What’s more, if a business doesn’t have its website together then a listing in the right directory may at least support for the most basic local searches. Some directories generate actual leads; some offer a favorable environment for valuable reviews and others offer highly sought after SEO friendly trusted backlinks to a website.

Locally, the Business Directories matter to a business wanting a broad consistent search-friendly web presence.

The Top Local Business Directories 

  1. Google My Business  = Google is the place where people search for everything, including local products & services. What’s more, Google presents its directory listings high in its search results (local map pack) when the search is local.
  2. Facebook
  3. Apple Maps 
  4. Bing
  5. LinkedIn Company Directory
  6. Yelp
  7. MapQuest
  8. SuperPages
  9. YellowBook 
  10. And those you often see in search results … because logic is if there then they are trusted!
  11. And finally seek out FREE local directories where a detailed listing can be registered, including a backlink. Town, County, Chamber Of Commerce & other Government listing & citation sites are often relevant sources of local business information … in the eyes of both humans and search engine algorithms! Highly specific category based directories can be relevant too.

Concerns With Business Directories

  1. Some directories will already have the business listing in their database, while others may require a business to register one and then to go through some form of confirmation process;
  2. There are so many local business directories the value (in general) may be diluted with ‘people that search’;
  3. There are so many directories that search engines may not value the listing content or its’ backlinks;
  4. It is hard to know which directories truly matter and for what;
  5. The directory business model is typically to sell upgrades & advertising, potentially leaving a free registered listing in an obscure place;
  6. It is difficult to know which directory will value the listing content and which will abuse it as an opportunity to redirect visitors to other content;
  7. A listing registration can take a lot of valuable time AND 
  8. Your clients will have to register personal accounts in order to give you a review … discouraging many.