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Basic Video Advertising Production For Business

Thinking about video? Maybe for a business website; your YouTube channel or an advertising campaign? If so, you should be! It can be a difference- maker for how to present your brand of business to the average products & services consumer. It’s not only something people may enjoy, but in a world where we all seem to have less and less time it’s certainly easier for them to consume.

Here’s a little information for getting started with short video content or advertisements.

4 Basic Video Advertising Production Methods For Business


  • Interview
    • Recording a conversation, possibly question and answer, with a human being
  • Screencast
    • Recording of computer screen including talk- narration, often used to educate on how- to do a task
  • Animation
    • Producing a whiteboard- drawing or graphic images- based presentation, often used to present high level topics like “here’s what we do” 
  • Storytelling
    • Various methods used to help visualize a storyline that ends in the advertisers’ answer to the topic

What To Consider For Basic Business Video Advertising Production


  1. Why make it; what is the planned outcome of the video?
  2. Script and or storyboard it; plan the video’
  3. Shot list; checklist of what types of audio need to be recorded
  4. Talent release; getting prior permission from talent outside the advertisers’ organization for use of their likeness without issue or limitation
  5. Location; scout it for any sound or lighting issues
  6. Gear; plan what’s necessary, check the tripod; the sound apparatus, the existing and backup battery
  7. Video editing; trimming to a fixed to a timeline; plan time for transition effects, captions, credits & logos
  8. Audio; working on the sounds, voice authoring or music