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Bad Digital Marketing Tactics You Should Avoid

Bad Digital Marketing Habits To AvoidThere are numerous advertising solutions (headlines meant to trick, faked reviews, etc.) circulating nowadays that are anything but trustworthy. Sure, it is difficult to get qualified attention in a crowded web environment, but (please) choose your tactics & strategies wisely. Simply getting a click doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with genuine leads & new business. Worse, people = prospective new clients, aren’t much different than you and I. They buy trust … and no one appreciates being tricked.

Clickbait Titles And Misleading Articles

Every internet user has had experience the infamous “5 Things You Should Do Right Now (Number 2 Is CRAZY!)” type of blog posts. Several years ago, these posts took over social media and search engines due to the inquisitive nature of humans. However, nowadays these types of posts are known as “Clickbait.” Clickbait doesn’t necessarily mean that an article is incorrect or misleading, but it means that the original author is using vague, interest-inducing language to convince viewers to click on his or her site. Although the article might not be deceptive, it is commonly not as interesting as the title leads viewers to believe. Today, many internet users know how to avoid these “Clickbait” articles and tend to happily call them out on social media.

While lots of clicks to your site might sound great, if you’re not running an ad-platform site or business, clicks are not what you need. Regardless of the type of business you own, whether online or offline, you want your viewers to TRUST you. Clickbait articles made to generate as many clicks as possible might bring you the clicks you’re looking for, but does it translate to leads? Statistics say NO.

Fake Reviews Offer Nothing But Distrust

You may have considered purchasing reviews if you’re struggling to get your customers to write them or if you are facing multiple negative reviews. While “only buying a few” sounds like it could benefit your company, chances are your fake reviews will backfire. Not only are consumers more aware of fake reviews these days, but Google’s algorithm can also find false reveiws pretty easily. This begs the question: What do you have to gain with fake reviews?

Pop-Ups & Lightboxes

Although pop-ups or ‘Lightboxes’ can be useful when implemented in a strategic way, it is often done poorly. These pop-ups are typically used in a way to allow a viewer to submit their email to request more information. When placed strategically, these pop-ups will show only when a user has been on the site for some time and is navigating away. However, when implemented poorly, pop-ups can bombard the user making your site difficult to navigate and ultimately resulting in high bounce rates and less qualified traffic. If you want to install conversion plug-ins into your site, make sure you know the strategies behind them!

Stock Photos

If your site relies heavily on stock images, especially if you are a locally focused business, you’re probably driving traffic away. Using stock images strategically or as place holders, maybe until you hire a photographer for the real thing, can be useful for your website. However, businesses often cross the thin line between strategic and over-use. Stock images are pretty easy to spot to even the most inexperienced internet users. While the use of stock images may be well-intentioned, overuse can feel impersonal and a bit robotic to your site visitors. How can you avoid this? Take photos! Even if you cannot afford a local photographer, modern cell phones are capable of producing professional level photos. While they may not be as good as hiring a professional photographer, it will look much more genuine and personal on your website!


Is Your Business Worthy Of Trust?

It’s one thing to write a headline that prospects will click. It’s another to gain attention that can then leads directly to trust. Headlines and catchy advertising tactics rarely earn trust, nor sustained attention or lead- action. If your business is looking for more than ‘clicks’, it needs to dismiss the ‘bait and switch’ tactics that have become so common online today. Worse, targeting & measuring the wrong thing is likely worse than not measuring at all. 

Don’t be fooled, your next buyer is just like you. She’s busy; she wishes to be shown the value you offer … tricks will only undermine the chance of that connection.