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GDPR Laws and US Business!

Define GDPR For US Business Owners Because of how consumer protection laws have come under scrutiny you are likely seeing new Privacy Policy email from proactive companies wishing to get out in front of it. And while new European Union (i.e. EU) ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ (i.e. GDPR) laws do NOT apply to domestic sales, similar […]

Website Contact Form Email Not Arriving In Inbox?

Website Contact Form Use And Settings   When a website contact form is filled & submitted, that submission’s information is emailed to the address assigned in the form’s settings. And while email is convenient for busy people, there is always another reliable option: a website owner can login and review contact form submission messages in […]


Commercials Aren’t Only For TV Anymore

Video Commercials And Small Business  Social media platforms allow even the smallest business to advertise video commercials online to a potentially massive audience and without breaking the budget! That plus a share-friendly environment, where video can be viewed and then shared to friends easily, offers a revolutionary opportunity. Here are some tips for creating compelling […]

How Important is SSL To Your Business?

It Has Become An ‘SSL World Wide Web’! So, how important is SSL (SSL/ HTTPS defined) to your business? Back in 2014 Google announced that SSL, or HTTPS rather than HTTP in your page URLs, would be used as a ranking signal. And the truth is it likely represents one lower weighted signal (Google uses […]