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Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid!

4 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid | Kinetic Knowledge All good digital marketing strategies lead to one important goal, and that is quality leads. Regardless, marketers must prioritize the trust of their prospects in order to drive leads and new business. While it’s difficult to get attention in a crowded web environment, choosing tactics that […]

Important Changes to YouTube Effective January 2020

Changes to YouTube Effective January 2020! By now, everyone knows about the power and the popularity of the YouTube platform. The video search engine has evolved from funny cat videos to an essential hub for businesses and entrepreneurs to spread their marketing messages far and wide. And changes to YouTube are here.  As with most […]

What You Need to Know About Local SEO and Business Growth

Local SEO and Your Business A solid local SEO (search engine optimization) strategy might be your missing ingredient when it comes driving more leads and growing your business. Local SEO is the strategy and process of optimizing sites and pages with the intent of appearing in organic search results from people seeking out local information. […]