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Prepared To Support People With Disabilities Online?

Support (Including The Legal Interpretation) For People With Disabilities Online  Most business owners would want to support people with disabilities, and not only to help increase sales but because MOST PEOPLE TRULY MEAN WELL. And while there has been great progress in the physical world of business for how to support various disability types, the […]

How to Add Alt Text to Website Images

Alt Text: How to Easily Add Alternative Text to Website Images WordPress offers a simple way to add alt text (alternative text) to any image on your website. This is a simple and beneficial practice that you should take the time to implement throughout your site. Adding keyword rich alt text captions to your images […]

How to Transcribe Videos on YouTube

YouTube Videos: How to Quickly & Easily Add Subtitles Did you know YouTube offers an easy solution for adding closed captioning to your video content? You can upgrade the accessibility of your videos without leaving the YouTube platform! Subtitles improve the user experience, make videos viewable in different environments, and give people with hearing disabilities access […]