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What Should A Business URL or Domain Be?

Ever Wonder What Your Business URL or Domain Should Have Been? URLs & Domains are necessary, a business has to have one. They are also marketing tools; however, they will never correlate to competitive search engine visibility unless supported by other highly important factors. Generally speaking, a business URL or domain name can be the […]

GeoTargeting And Local Business Authority!

GeoTargeting in Marketing For MOST business owners the target consumer is neither national nor worldwide, but local to a particular area. And so for that same locally targeted business owner & marketer, using geotargeting & territory based references matters! Consumers often search for answers, what they need or want locally (i.e. Westfield NJ Blacktop Contractor). […]

SEO: You Cannot Grow What You Do Not Measure!

SEO: Competition is Never Static | Search Positions Forever Change! Not all search engine optimization (SEO) is the same! What’s necessary for success depends on a presentation of value, visibility with qualified people and how much competition there is. Rank in search results may require a large number of on and off-website signals or, in […]