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What Is SSL?

Define SSL So let’s define SSL, which stands for Secure Socket Layers. SSL is not website security, for instance where firewalls identify nefarious IP addresses and block them from visiting the site. Nope, SSL encrypts or protects a web visitors’ connection from their browser to a website. It used to be that when you looked […]

Kinetic Knowledge Copyright

Kinetic KnowledgeTM, KineticKnowledge.comTM Information and products made available on this website are subject to the following terms and conditions: By accessing this website, you agree to these terms and conditions. The publisher reserves the right to change these terms and conditions, the products, services, prices, and programs mentioned in this website at any time, without […]

Why Responding To Reviews Is Good For Business

Do You Answer Your Reviews?   Do you want to improve reputation management and SEO with one effort? We’ve written about the importance of a) getting reviews, b) the management of a negative review, as well as c) how the law sees a business that fakes its reviews, but what is rarely discussed is having […]