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What Are Google Listing ‘Suggested Edits’?

About Your Google Listing Things change fast on the web. If you weren’t paying attention, you may have missed Google’s 12/09/21 announcement. The name of its local listing platform, formerly ‘Google My Business (GMB)’, was renamed ‘Google Business Profile (GBP)‘. And you are busy doing your job, so does the platform’s name really matter? Maybe […]

Google Screened or Guaranteed – ‘Local Service Ads’

‘Google Screened or Guaranteed’ Advertising – ‘Local Service Ads’ If you haven’t noticed yet, Google added a form of local advertising high atop its local search result pages. So there are ‘Pay Per Click Advertisements’ and then ‘Local Map Pack Listings‘ set over the traditionally sought-after organic search results and NOW Google has also squeezed […]

Is Your Good Content Used In Social Media?

Using Website Content In Social Media Can Generate Leads Content is ground zero for everything you want your business to achieve online. People search, read, socialize, share, bookmark, and they ‘like’ social media posts all day long AND SO we must try to be there to demonstrate authority when they do! Using good content, for […]

How Does Your Business Prepare For Voice-Driven Search?

Is Your Business Prepared for Voice-Driven & “Near Me” Search? Nowadays, speaking to do a search is commonplace. People are using home-based devices like Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Home, OR apps on their cell phones. That’s right, our phones can be set up with an app’ for Voice-Driven Search. And so the question business owners […]