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Are There Consequences For Duplicate Content?

Duplicating someones content is never a good practice. Plagiarism can, in some cases, involve liability for copyright infringement. While Google isn’t interested in policing it, in certain circumstances Plagiarism will get you tossed from search engine indexes.

Website Priorities For The Serious Marketer

Consumer Priority: Detailed Website Content While there are several powerful marketing & advertising channels online (i.e. search engines via optimization or advertising, social networks, search & listing directories, email marketing platforms, etc.), consumers will always prioritize information about the business, its products and services. Everything else should be valued as a means for driving them inbound to […]

Faking Reviews Can Get A Business In Trouble With The Law

The Power Of Client Reviews Are you a business owner that doesn’t do much advertising? Maybe you rely on a ‘word of mouth’ method? If so, be sure and leverage the raw power of customer reviews. Do it not only to demonstrate a local presence in a way that mimics good old ‘word of mouth’, […]

How Can A Business Deal With A Negative Review?

Reviews Are Not In A Business Owners’ Control   Good Reviews are some of the best advertising; however, web- based reviews and even a negative review are NOT IN a business owner’s control! Reviews posted to random search or directory listing websites is a modern day reality. It is content that consumers seek out when they wish […]