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Local SEO Items That Deserve Emphasis in 2019

Local SEO Items That Deserve Invested Time This Year Thinking about Local SEO these days? Here are some local search engine optimization priority add- on items that are helping to improve competitive visibility for serious local marketers. Needless to say, these deserve emphasis in 2019!   Reliability of inbound links to the website while the […]

Beware Of Spoof Email!

Spoofing: Be Careful With Email Links And Attachments We have mentioned before that your business computer ( see: Web Security A Business Must Manage ) is the biggest area of vulnerability and where most hack attempts are focused. Due to a rash of ‘spoofed email‘, we feel compelled to send a BIG heads’ up on the […]

Great Blog Posts Should Resurface!

Blog Posts, Content Strategy & Marketing  Blog posts shouldn’t be used once or on one day, left to then fade away and die. Yet, it is exactly what happens to most authoritative, useful & still- relevant blog posts on most websites! In fact, website pages are often in this same predicament. But why? Is it […]

The 4 Areas of Web Security Business Owners Must Understand

4 Areas of Web Security A Business Owner Must Manage   Your web security is about risk reduction because the risk will NEVER BE ZERO. There is no perfect security solution or guarantee because the hacks are forever working on new methods as we all go on about business day. Serious business people must get […]