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Not only is WordPress affordable, but it is also user friendly, constantly improved upon and portable. Here we will explain these reasons why WordPress is the best website software for marketers | Kinetic Knowlege Monmouth County NJPrevent Your WordPress Website From Being Hacked

Our Advanced WordPress Website Security Plan offers heavy duty pre- emptive security ( see details below ) designed for WordPress websites. PLUS IT PROACTIVELY INCLUDES A) ‘manual malware removal’ AND B) resubmission to Google, a couple gigantic headache items you will rarely see included in other plans. It makes this plan both comprehensive and (competitively) cheap!

Hackers Will Find Ways To Hack Sites

The best defense is a proactive one. Why NOT have a plan already in place that will save time, stress and your bottom line?! Manual malware removal, for when a hack gets through, is what virtually all other WordPress security plans leave out due to the time, effort, knowledge and cost involved in doing it correctly! There is no perfect security solution or guarantee because hackers come up with new methods every day. And ONLY YOU can protect your personal devices locally, which when ignored can rapidly become the problem. Our plan gives you peace of mind by including ‘manual malware removal’ PLUS Google re- submission when needed!

Advanced WordPress Security Plan Includes:

  • Malware Scanner > Scans daily for Malware, Bad URLs, Backdoors and DNS Changes
  • Real-Time Threat Defense Feed > protection from the latest threats to WordPress sites, added from worldwide episode data as they emerge
  • Country Blocking > stops an attack, prevents content theft or ends malicious activity that originates from a geographic region in less than a second
  • Check if Website IP is Generating Spam > confirms that your site is running on a clean IP address, which prevents blacklistingKinetic Knowledge WordPress Security Management
  • Check if Website is Spamvertized > checks if your website URL has been flagged anywhere for spamvertising
  • Cell Phone Sign In Option > “Two Factor Authentication” > this is used by banks, government agencies and the military
  • Audit Existing Passwords > ensures your passwords are strong by checking them against a database of common passwords
  • Advanced Comment Spam Filter > want blog comments? > advanced comment spam filter provides an additional layer of filtering
  • Web Application Firewall > identifies malicious traffic, then blocks these attackers before they can access your website
  • Block Brute Force Attacks > stops brute force attacks permanently
  • View Blocked Intrusion Attempts, Google Crawl Activity, Bots and Crawlers, Logins and Logouts, Human Visitors and Gathers Detailed IP Info
  • Monitors Disk Space
  • And again > this plan includes manual website & database malware removal PLUS re- submission to Google when needed!

$21 per month > That’s heavy duty security, strictly designed for WordPress websites, by Kinetic Knowledge!