Google My Business

The SEO landscape is always changing. This is in part because Google and other search engines are constantly changing how they rate and value SEO signals to determine a website’s quality.  Although frustrating- this is a necessary process needed to weed out the spam sites and people/marketing companies trying to undermine the system with black hat SEO.

If you want your business to show up in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS), you have to pay attention to the changes and implement strategies to follow the new rules.  At Kinetic Knowledge, we review best practices in national and local SEO on a daily basis- then deploy methods for our clients to ensure they continue to maintain their visibility online.

Here are seven things to know if you want to achieve good SEO!

1. Google Wants Websites That Are Mobile Responsive

mobileGoogle has spoken (now) saying mobile Apps and 2nd mobile websites are NOT the way to go. They say Responsive is their only recommendation for 1) the best visitor experience on any device (especially mobile), 2) making mobile users happy – otherwise you risk losing them to a competitor’s website that is easier to navigate on mobile devices 3) Your own convenience- one site, one set of URLs, one set of SEO challenges to manage and most important of all 4) them!= Google!Bbecause they don’t want to crawl, index and separately rank different sets of the same content.

2. Search results have changed, they place a great deal more emphasis on LOCAL location!

Whether you are targeted locally or nationally for sales, this matters to your business. If you’re thinking “But Kinetic – I do all the SEO activity stuff, and I rank organically…” – you’re missing the opportunity. By adding some Local SEO into the mix, you will show up in organic results for the Google map pack parts too. Showing up in the map pack is incredibly important when a business is trying to pull in customers from the immediate area (locals prefer it), but it’s especially important because they show up ABOVE general organic results on mobile devices right now. And, per no. 1, we all know that mobile is blowing up!


3. Social network activity is a highly weighted search engine signal for ranking your website content!

Google can’t necessarily crawl into the social networks, but they can certainly see traffic coming back to your content from social sites and they can also crawl social plugins on your website, which offer data on which content is being shared or liked and on which networks (if you don’t have social plug-ins on your website, contact us ASAP!). And then obviously, any activity at all with your verified Google Plus account is going to have a big effect on rank. Be sure you understand best practices for Google Plus setup, integration and verification!


4. Reviews are huge advertising with people; good reviews in your Google Plus account supports SEO!

You can’t control reviews and some of these scary listing companies will try to use negative reviews to earn your business. So you must plan to steer and manage reviews as best you possibly can! We feel you should take control of your Google Plus local listing, get it verified and then encourage happy clients to go there and talk about you. Set up correctly, Google reviews they will show in local map pack search results, influence your overall content’s organic rank and, optimized correctly, in the map that’s integrated into your contact page!


5. Citations count -they are a highly weighted signal for search engines so get to know what they are!

Citations are defined as your business name and address on other web pages, including if there is no link to your website. An example is an online yellow pages directory where your business is listed, but not necessarily linked to. Lots of accurate consistent citations in all the right places help search engines confirm that your business is who they think it is!


6. SEO has become more the level playing field.

Cheating is being filtered out and the good content is winning on its merit!  Learn more about good SEO techniques.

7. Ownership

Be very concerned about what you do and do not own! It’s your work, time, money and it is your business at stake. Take a short sighted view, for instance with ultra- cheap or FREE tools, and expect to throw any long term value or goals away. Unless you have some control over your content, your ability to grow and build a bigger and ever more visible web presence (digital footprint) organically is going to be gone.

For an in-depth analysis of your website and local SEO presence, give us a call to set up a consultation.  We can be reached at 732-722-5915.