Chris Frerecks
President, President & Founder
Kinetic Knowledge

The goal with Kinetic Knowledge is to provide an undeniably responsive service that translates to long term client relationships! With experienced, thorough & accountable support the intention is to earn the trust of those who choose to work with us. And to do it each and every day!

With 25+ years in corporate marketing & advertising sales, project & operations management, I offer useful experience and marketing know- how. A top new business producer in early Internet media & technology (Media: Wired Magazine,,, | Data- mining: Umbria | Community- creation: MyInfoPage ) and later as mentor to so many marketing & sales professionals, I supported the ‘Fortune 500′ executives’ daily marketing challenge all over the US.

Nowadays I oversee a number of different areas of this agency’s business, none more important than to support busy professionals’ with their daily marketing challenge!


Danielle ( Dani ) Cook
Account Director, Social Media & Advertising
Kinetic Knowledge
As a former small business owner myself, I got into the world of social media management, PPC / FB Advertising and marketing by default.  As it turned out I realized a true gap in the market for small businesses to find an honest, trust worthy, and affordable option when it comes to the constantly evolving and time consuming world of social media and advertising. As I became more involved in my own marketing efforts, I branched out and also took on some freelance projects. Eventually, as my passions truly turned to social media marketing I sold my restaurant and took this on full time. I now enjoy supporting Kinetic Knowledge clients with their social media, blogging and advertising needs. I make sure I always take the time to listen, so that I can represent your company with your voice.

Robert Attanasio
CTO/ Head Of Web Developement
Kinetic Knowledge

As a web developer for Kinetic Knowledge, Robert programs websites with a broad range of functionality, including e-commerce. With over 25 years of experience Robert has skills at a wide range of markup and scripting languages, he also has a strong background in IT. Robert is well-equipped to train our clients to maintain their own websites once they’re built.

“I always find a way to make something work, even when the solution is a little unconventional,” Robert says. “The world of web development changes quickly, and I enjoy staying on top of it and learning new things.”