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If you’re familiar with modern marketing & advertising on the web, at least organically to demonstrate a current authority for subjects you serve, than you know there is NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR CONTENT; however, content development takes time. It requires research, copy writing, search engine optimization know- how and it’s simply not for everyone. And if it’s not for you, it’s likely not going to get done.

We are an experienced copy writing and/ or ghost blogging resource! We also offer excellent Social Media Marketing Plans to broadcast it!

Ghost Writing I.  Website Copy Writing 

We find many clients are pressed for time, yet they need subject- specific content researched, written up and search engine optimized. We have capable copy writers for pages and / or blogging, so let’s discuss how you need support  today! 

II. Ghost Blogging

The idea with ghost writing is to generate relevant content both search engines & humans will be drawn too … just like you would write if you had the time! This service affords capable ghost writers trained in best practices and content SEO. Ghost writing requires a customized plan and standards Include: 

          • Follow Client Direction
          • Research Targeted Subjects, Write From Scratch
          • Research & Focus On Target Keywords
          • Meta Titles
          • Permalink URLs
          • Copy Writing 
          • Resource & Anchor Links Execution
          • Image Optimization
          • Call to Action 
          • Spell Check 
          • No Potential Negatives 
          • Month End Summary